Main questions about website making

26. 11. 2018

1.First and the main question for a customer is price
It is almost impossible to answer this question, it sounds just like - what’s the price of a shoe? - weird right? There are different types of shoes according to their brands, styles and the quality and price differ accordingly. The same goes for websites. There is no answer to this question until several details are not clear. The process takes time and criteria are too many to just have a fixed price. 

2.Next important question is deadlines
Customers are curious about how many days it takes to finish a website. But this is depended on them. They should provide as much information as a platform needs as soon as possible. And approximately it takes 4 weeks. 

3.Another question is the price of technical service
After completing and submitting the website, one year of support is offered, if desired. It includes planned tech savings for a customer. 

4.The following question refers to independent content adding 
Customers are usually interested in whether or not they can add content on their own. Have you heard of the Content management system(CMS)? This is exactly what you need. The owner has control panel data by which they can add content.

5.Next question is about people who make websites
Logically, everyone wants their website to be made by professionals. Isn’t it? Well, there are lots of people working on one project at the same time. They are project manager, designer, programmer and content manager (in case of customer needs). 

6.The architecture of websites?
Well, this depends on the type of the website. 

7.What kind of documents are required for making web-resource? 
The technical task is created before the start. Then, the agreement is signed and deadlines are set. The agreement includes obligations for both sides, and in case of violating them, sanctions are imposed. (Agreed from both sides)

8.“How to make my website famous?” 
To find your website in search engines with keywords, use SEO. The price is determined after choosing different services. 

9.“Do I become the owner of the website?” 
Obviously, YES. After finishing, it transfers to customer’s ownership. 

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