21 easy tasks to develop creativity

16. 08. 2019

1.     Associations

Take a dictionary, choose the word and think of any association, as many as you can. For example, “green” is the word that is associated with grass, forest, cucumber, watermelon, money…

2.      Unexpected connections

Again, take a dictionary, now choose two words. For example, “gun” and “carrot”. Think of 3 differences and 3 similarities and make 3 sentences out of these words.

For example, differences – size, usage, ability to grow. Similarities – you can hold both in your hand, the gun barrel looks like a carrot, and gun magazines and carrot both have the same color.

Sentence: “Boy was shooting the gun to jars in the yard, while he saw the guy who was there to steal a carrot.

3.      Non-standard using methods

Think of unusual usage of a very normal thing. For example, what can be done with a pencil? Cutting a paper, stirring, holding hair.

4.      An hour of silence

Use just two words for one hour  – yes and no. No other words are allowed.

5.      Two in one

Take two items and think of how the two can be used together. As an example, Banana + bag = bag with a banana shape.

6.     A story with 100 words

Think of a story with 100 words. No words should be more or less. For making this task a little bit harder, you are allowed to shorten it to 75 or 50 words. But remember, the story should have an introduction, development and the end.    

7.      New language

Make your language. Alphabet, words, and pronunciations. This will help your imagination.

8.     Biography

While using public transport, don’t waste your time. Look at the people around you. Think about whether they are from your country or not, what do they do for a living and what can be their story.  

9.      100 ideas

Imagine – you have a holiday for 1 year. What would you do within these 12 months? Think carefully and write down 100 ideas.

10.   Guessing doodle

Doodle is not finished painting that can be interpreted. One may see a snake and another mountain.

11.  Words

You’ve probably played this game before. One player says a word and another should think of the word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. You can also add several rules, such as said word can not be bigger than a car.

12.   Chameleon

Take a statement and think of an argument for both, agreeing and disagreeing.

For instance, Aliens don’t exist.

If you disagree: No one has ever seen them. Living is not possible on other planets

If you agree: Some claim that they have seen aliens. Scientists found planets where the living can be possible.

13.   Writer

Write stories about weird things

-       Life of kettle in 1912

-       Childhood of Komble

-       3 best ways to color your hair with banana and not get dirty

This sounds stupid but it develops your creativity.

14.   Poet

Take a line of any poem and continue yourself, write your poem

15.   Role

While watching a movie, imagine yourself as the main character. What would you do? How would you solve problems in their place?

16.   Even not real is real

What would happen if penguins had hoofs? Or if parrot had teeth?

Think of 10 unusual animals and imagine how would they live if they were real.  

17.   One letter

Make a sentence where all words start from one letter. The concept is not important, just make a sentence.

18.   Finish a painting

For this task, you need your friends. One should draw any figure, another should add some details and third should finish.

19.   New word

Think of new words with a definition. For example, “meanalgin” – a pill for mean people ?

20.   Different decisions

When you face a problem, don’t think of only one way of solving it. Think of several versions. You will have a better chance to find an optimal choice.

21.   Crazy architect

Write down 10 elements. Cities, surnames, things, names – you can’t use nonmaterial objects.

For example wheel, elephant, money, planchet, leopard, car, bed, wheelchair.

Then draw a building with every given item.

To make these tasks effective:

1.     Practice everyday

2.     Do at least one task during a day

3.     Practice 10-15 minutes

If you do all tasks, in a few weeks you can see how creative and imaginative your mind has become.   

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