Startup for Startup

Startup for Startup

 A project that enables a startup to be online, to become more recognizable and perceptible

About the project

"Tiberi" - a team of professionals, which allows the startup to be in the online space, to become more recognizable and perceptible.

This project will help raise the awareness of the company / small entrepreneur and promote the products.

Why Startup - for Startup and what does "Taber" mean?

The answer is very simple and logical, just like the name of this project. The year 2020 caused a global crisis and of course this crisis affected Georgia. Numerous people, regardless of qualifications and profession, were left unemployed.

The news agency TIA.GE and the consulting company "Lemons" have held several charitable events or social projects during their 10 years of existence, many of which have not even been made public. Now, in this case, it is impossible to act without publicity…

Now the consulting company, Lemons, which started 10 years ago from a small room, in the most difficult economic period to date, has decided to support a young business that is now following the same path as Lemos since 2010.

This was the reason for thinking if:

 "What can we do to help unemployed people, as well as startups and, most importantly, young companies that have been hit hardest by the crisis?"

That's why, after a lot of thinking, reasoning, and judging by a large team, a new idea for a start-up came up with the slogan "Looking for Job Seekers".

This involves co-financing many startup projects to integrate into the digital world and to employ up to 100 people in the same field.


Any business today needs advertising and it does not need much explanation. However, the budget that a well-planned advertising campaign needs is in most cases incredibly large for a startup.

That is why TIA.GE with the financial support of "Lemons" will consult startups and finance 75% of the value of the offered package (digital box) 4,000 Gel while the startup will pay 25% for GEL 1,000 in case of purchasing the package.

In addition to the price, the biggest value of this package is the time, which allows the startup to present itself perfectly in the Internet space within 5 days after ordering. 

Why the Internet? This question may not be asked by many, but by some people. Because in the first place on the Internet, with today's challenges, the limitless possibilities of the web, the digitized world, and, most importantly, the global closure caused by the Covid Pandemic, people's actions, business/commerce have shifted to the online space. The site has become a vital/existential tool that is an alternative 21st-century challenge. 

If you have long thought to say more about your company, the more people will understand about you, you need to have your logo to make your business branded.

See the project "Tiberi" digital box package from

Logo design,

Logo video animation,

Visiting Website,



Corporate Mail,

Create keywords,

Business Card: Design / Printing,

Creating social media,

Advertising on Google,

Posting the article on TIA.GE.


1. Call us at 2 45 01 01, Mob. 599 27 94 00 or send us a message of interest to the email

2. No later than 48 hours our sales service will contact you and schedule an appointment.

3. After the initial interview you will receive a decision on funding by e-mail.

4. Detailed instructions and a contract will be sent to you.

5. After 24 hours after the signing of the contract, the work to be performed will be delivered within 5 working days.

6. We sign the acceptance-delivery act.