Interface development

Interface development

The purpose of the training is to introduce markup language HTML, CSS and Javascript to the listeners.

Upon completion, trainees will be able to create a static website independently, make quick decisions, time efficiently, and interact with the customer. They will be able to easily work in this direction.

48 hours of training introduces:

  • Work environment (editor, FTP client, browsers)
  • What is html
  • Head, body and other key tags
  • Key attributes of the tag
  • What is CSS
  • How to create HTML files
  • Forms, spreadsheets and other tags
  • Extensions to CSS
  • Menu creation
  • Nice elements in CSS
  • Description and destination overview of simple photoshop tools
  • Image types and the difference between them
  • CSS and images
  • CSS and images
  • Cut and mark the given web design
  • Css media queries
  • UI Kits (Bootstrap, Material UI, etc)
  • What is javascript
  • Variable, Boolean Operators, Cycle Operators
  • Events
  • Selectors
  • jquery
  • jquery events
  • jquery effects
  • Manipulation of jquery attributes
  • Remove or assign values with jquery
  • Real project execution
  • Install jquery plugins

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