Client - Satisfied customer is the main value of Lemons. Offering quality service is positively effective for both the client and our company.

Employee - We create an environment where team members have equal development opportunities. Their satisfaction determines the success of the company.

Teamwork - Success is the result of joint efforts. We are team players, which increases the quality of service and competitiveness in the market.

Good faith - To gain the trust of customers, it is important to maintain a high degree of good faith during the work process and after completion.

Social Responsibility - Taking care of our work, social and natural environment is an integral part of our business.

Our mission is to assist clients optimally address business start-up and growth challenges, provide high-quality service and do it professionally, with good faith, on time. We are focused on progress and continuous development to contribute to the development of both the specific client and the country's economy.

This mission is served by many important social projects, initiated and inspired by "Lemons"! After the pandemic, on the backdrop of the global depression, it was Lemons who accepted the role of a wake-up call and called on businessmen in crisis to refresh and rebrand!