About us

Lemons is a team which thinks about you. This is the place where your success is created by professional developers, programmers, designers, researchers, marketing and PR specialists.

About us

Lemons is the place where original and mind blowing ideas become reality.

The story  of Lemons started in 2009 and the reason was having an opportunity to share ideas. Though, the birthday of Lemons is the 23rd of december, 2011, the date when team made up their decision on the name - Lemons. This was the beginning of 10 years of experience and adventure.

Why Lemons?

The story is interesting and thought it was told several times, we will never get bored. Many of our customers believe that Lemons came from the surname of the director of the company, which is Melimonidze. In reality, the name is all about lemon. It is associated with fresh, healthy and satisfying feelings. Lemon is the symbol of shudder and unique nature. Most people give out saliva as soon as they hear word lemon. We thought we would be remembered more. The concept of the name was further reinforced when we recalled that for example, one million is often referred to as one lemon :) So, out of 20 alternatives, healthy products, saliva separation syndrome and millions of lemons, Lemmons has won.

Why Us?

Steps to the success were not easy. Obstacles were on each step of your path to achieve goals. The path was full of disappointments and sleepless nights. And exactly that small mistakes brought us to the success. That experience has taught us the different approaches and vision which sets us apart from our competitors:

-       Only the original decisions;

>-       High Quality;

-       Group work;

-       Responsibility;

-       Communication;

-       Taking care of partners image;

-       High organizational culture;

-       Internal corporate culture;

-       Caring for employees;

We create high-quality, relevant, comfortable and customer-optimized marketing tools of the highest standards.

We are a team with valuable experience and high reputation in the field of PR, Marketing, Research, Project Management, Design and Software!

Our biggest advantage is our resources (various advertising channels, technical capabilities) and a team that optimizely uses these resources.

In an ever-changing world, we care about partner development and its continued success. We value mutual understanding and respect-based collaboration. Therefore, our style of work is positive, open, modern, dynamic, active and of course fun!

We are trusted!

Each of our products comes after thought, research, and reasoning, and that is the foundation of the great trust our customers are giving us!

We create comfort!

Technically sophisticated, modern, comfortable and easy-to-operate control panel is one of our advantages. You can be sure that it will fit all your logical or reasonable requirements. Throughout our 8-year history, we have developed a product that brings together developers, web designers, programmers and content management services, which is a great comfort to the customer.

Working Process


You contact us and we schedule a meeting


Needs and expectations of both parts are discussed together


The whole team starts together. We put creativity and don’t stop till the desired result!


The desired result makes us both happy


And, together we measure expectations, accomplishments, and results