About us

Lemons is a team that thinks for you and your success is created by professional developers, programmers, designers, researchers, marketing, and PR specialists.

About us

People often ask why our company is called Lemons. The story is very interesting and we will never get bored of telling this amazing story. For many customers, Lemons is associated with the team leader’s surname, Melimonadze. The name is associated with the word "lemon" - after all, lemon is a symbol of health, renewal, revitalization, and pleasantly toured shivering! Lemon has unique properties. Most people secrete saliva as soon as they hear this word - we thought we would be remembered more. The concept of "lemons" was further reinforced when we recalled that, for example, one million is often referred to as one lemon. :) Consequently, because of a healthy product, saliva secretion syndrome, and millions, the name "Lemons" has won out of twenty alternatives!

For us Lemon is associated with a healthy lifestyle that modern man has always aspired to. Lemon This is an early, successful, and business day starting with the sunrise ... Morning run, and slightly sweet tea with a unique citrus aroma ... Cool shower and the aroma of a lovely fragrance, with a gentle but penetrating scent. Lemon is health ... an ore of vitamin C! - A vitamin that saved the lives, health, and financial well-being of many people during the covid-19 pandemic!


“I believe when life gives you lemons, you should make Lemonade!’’


"LLC Studio Lemon" story began in 2009 and the reason was to provide opportunities, ideas and success for people. However, Lemons' birthday is December 23, 2011, when, after much deliberation, and concurrence, the team name was chosen - Lemons - and the company was officially founded by a team with 10 years of experience in technology, design, and marketing.

10 years ago, on the night of December 21, my heart was beating with amazing speed: - Name selected; - Decision made; -105 GEL earned; - Employees gathered; Only it was left where I preferred to walk, I would go faster because I thought I had wings! The company registration and the official document is in hands.

That heart rate, repeats with each new start, I constantly believe like a dreaming child. The belief that it will come out will be the best, never betrayed me. I do not know what gave me strength 10 years ago, although I could not find a reason that forced me to step back. That is why today you already see 10 years of history, 10 years of success typed together. Behind the scenes, you can also see the bugs accumulated along the way, which are carefully posted on the board. We will never forget the mistakes of each day, which of course were the ones we learned from, which raised us, made us great, and set us the goal of moving forward. Perhaps you want to see evil in people to ignore their goodness. I wholeheartedly love, respect, and appreciate the people I met along the way more than they can imagine. 10 years have passed since the creation of lemons.ge and we all built it together with small puzzles. Thanks to all the players of this scene, my loyal friends, people who did not regret the smile and kind words, the hope, and the increase of strength, there are many of you and I want you to make all your kind dreams come true. Thanks, the world for this opportunity!

Ira Melimonadze, December 22, 2020

Working Process


You contact us and we schedule a meeting


Needs and expectations of both parts are discussed together


The whole team starts together. We put creativity and don’t stop till the desired result!


The desired result makes us both happy


And, together we measure expectations, accomplishments, and results