Have An Idea?

Have An Idea?


Engage with customers, get insights about your business, predict customer behavior, and build a scalable sales organization with our CMS.
software that works the way you do.

software that works the way you do.

CMS made by lemons.ge is a convenient and comfortable content management system on webpage. It incorporates a variety of specific modules and this is why our CMS is easy to handle for all types of businesses. It will be fully customized to any of your logical requirements.

What our company offers

At any step of the development of the ideas or company itself, we need you!

Website development

We offer: Website development of any complexity and functionality, content planning, technical development, Responsive HTML, secure and easy-to-use control panel (CMS) and website usage and management instructions; SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), full technical support even after we finish our job


Our team will work on the concept of your brand (Naming, Logo, Brandbook, Slogan, Brand Platform), the right choice of visual identity, and we will guarantee that we meet customer expectations.


We offer printing services of any complexity at the best prices and terms with our partner printing companies: design, branding, printing

Internet advertising

We offer all kinds of advertising on the Internet, including banner ads on websites, as well as on search engines. With the largest audience of up to 50 media portals and Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads

Social Media Management

We will create interesting and thematic posts for your company for Facebook page: We will post effective company news, activities and products/services, interesting videos; We will manage customer communication almost 24 hours a day; Services include advertising management - segmentation, monitoring, results measurement, monthly reporting and recommendations; Full support for personal media manager and personal marketer.

Content management

We take care of content on your website, provide SEO optimization and effective and high quality text or visual content.

Mobile application

We offer mobile applications for different operating systems. The mobile app is a reflection of the company's image and a focus on the latest technology trends and customer comfort  (iOS, Android / App)

Marketing and PR strategies

Our marketers, public relations and research specialists will take care of developing and managing your company's marketing strategy.

Research and Analyses

Only research-based recommendations! Competitor analysis, marketing and customer satisfaction research; Qualitative (advertising, logo, slogan, product testing) and quantitative (telephone and online surveys)

Sales Outsourcing

Yes, for the first time in Georgia! We take full control of the sales of our partner companies! Lemons has already taken the first successful steps in the sales outsourcing and has invested profitably in partner communications marketing and sales.