Blog production

Your blog needs 3-6 months to have a real result, before it becomes successful, the site and the blog gather strength.

Blog production
Why a blog?
When you finish website building, it will be good to produce a blog. Blog production has many benefits. The best thing is that it helps to get the best results in search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing). This will also allow you to be constantly relevant to any search engines, when searching for your services and products.
Blog helps the website to become an interesting and competent advisor to your customers. It is recommended that the blog site be updated at least four times a month, which will be sign for customers, that the company is active, alive, and involved in customer interaction. 
Blog posts will help to make alive a website, it also helps to attract and capture users and strengthen your integration with search engines, as well as allow your social media to be much more active and interesting.

Services include:

Blog production Define keywords for search engines and create relevant blog posts.

Blog production  Posting a blog on site.

Video blog - concept, stuff, filming, editing, posting. Video blogging, text, photo, and graphic blogs, are becoming increasingly popular, because of lockdown. It helped to increase the visibility of blogs.
About a year now, companies more frequently use this method to attract more and more customers. The concept is defined,  the stuff is selected, the theme is chosen, the filming period is selected, all you have to do is installation, which is required.

For example: sharing on YouTube and on the relevant platforms to generate more traffic. The theme/topic of each blog should be relevant to your keywords, which will give the search engines confirmation that you are using all the necessary tools to occupy the leading positions in the search engines, without advertising. 

Your blog needs 3-6 months to have a result, before that the site and the blog gather strength.