Create content

When creating content we need to think about the users and their interests.

Create content
Content is information, that is posted on the site and any online platform, starting with text, videos, and images.
Content includes:
  • Text;
  • Photo, video, and graphic image;
  • Spreadsheets;
  • Links.

When you are in process of creating a company, it is necessary to define the exact content, because it is one of the most important tools for sales and advertising, through which we directly contact customers. While creating content you need to think about the users.

Users interests are the most important part of your content. To take their attention you need to understand what they are interested in. Your content must catch the users attention. So try to understand what they will read. 
Regular updating of the content on the website is a necessary condition for its existence. Outdated information on the site misleads users, which negatively affects the site and the reputation of its owner. Search engines give preference to updated content sites. For this reason, the information posted on the site must be constantly up to date.
Create content Create content for the site
(About us, mission, purpose, cost, project description, completed projects, services, etc.) Large-scale, public information about brand activities, history, action strategy, team, and other interesting aspects posted on the official site is essential.
Create content The information must be presented in the form of text, photos, and video material. Site content is one of the most important tools for sales and advertising, through which the company directly contacts users.
When creating content, we need to think about the users as well as their interests - how they search for our services or products on the Internet, in various search engines.
Creating content that  "forces" a user to stay on the site for more than 10 seconds and /or an average delay according to Google Analytics, to have more than 2 minutes and an average of more than 3-4 pages, of course, requires strategy development, content manager and copywriters combined powers.
Create content Site photo material preparation: Photo session - or processing of existing photos as needed. The photo should be high quality, context- appropriate and non-banal, maximally depicting the activity or text.
Create content Youtube - Concept of channel content, shooting, editing: style definition, installation, placement, and sharing on social networks. 
Create content Defining Content for Social Media: Frequently Asked Questions for Social Media, Answers, Chat Bots. We also pre-process message boxes, customer interaction style through social media, etc.
Creating, modifying, and updating FAQ information: It significantly increases user traffic to a web page, which has valid, relevant, and interesting questions, and ready-made answers. Questions and their corresponding answers should be updated permanently so that their content does not become irrelevant and banal.