SEO optimization

Increased awareness

SEO optimization
Search engine optimization combines activities, activities that are aimed at improving the position of your website in the search engine.
With the help of technically sound SEO, your site will be placed on the first page when searching for the word and/or word combination you choose in Google and other search engines. 
Accordingly, the user will find information about the company for you when searching. 
The higher a site's position in search results, the more users will enter it.

SEO optimization With SEO optimization you will get:

• Increased traffic to the site
• Increased awareness of your company and product
• Increased ratings in Google search engine
• Increased sales
• Increased profits

SEO optimization includes:

SEO optimization is divided into two types: technical SEO and content-SEO. You need to use both to get an effective and perfect result.

Technical SEO SEO optimization

This step is called On-Site Optimization, which means the software and hardware setup that Google requires. The results of technical SEO optimization will be seen soon.
Before starting the work, the site SEO-audit must be carried out, which will create a document on the activities to be carried out, its detailed review and implementation of the steps will give the site a 100% accurate technical indicator for the month of SEO.
The results of technical SEO optimization will be seen soon Before the start of the work, an SEO audit of the site must be carried out, which will create a document on the activities to be carried out, its detailed review and implementation of the steps will give the site a 100% technical performance for the month of SEO.
SEO-audit - checking the loading speed of the site, visibility for search engines, the degree of site optimization, the technical condition of the site, the accuracy of the texts, etc.

SEO optimization SEO audit includes:

  • Link analysis;
  • Site structure analysis;
  • Code analysis: errors in HTML, site page loading speed, robots.txt,
  • site map;
  • Content analysis;
  • Keyword analysis.

Content SEO SEO optimization

If before marketers placed text only because of keywords, now they focus on every detail: the composition of the text, its originality, uniqueness, quality, style, links, and other trivial details.

SEO optimization What kind of texts do search engines like:

The text on the site is a tool to attract new users and talk about your business.
For content to perform this function it must be optimized for search engines.

SEO optimization What to consider when posting content on the site:

  • Write in understandable language. Even if it's a difficult  topic. Talk about the product and service as consumers do;
  • Follow the structure. Nothing spoils the test like jumping from one topic to another all of a sudden;
  • Do not overload the text with complicated phrases and constructions for the site. This will greatly complicate the reader’s perception of it;
  • Make a list of tickets or numbers;
  • Format texts correctly: Separate texts, titles (in bold, italic, H-tags), and follow the paragraphs. This will help you to separate the topics from each other.

SEO optimization SEO text algorithm protection includes:

  • Use and fill in the tags. Do not skip the page: keynote, title, and description;
  • Use thematic photos. In addition to beautifying the content, it also has a positive effect on the search engine rating of the site (use no more than three or four illustrations);
  • Use links were needed to make it easier for users to use them;
  • One page of text should not exceed 4500 characters;
  • Choose the right keywords. Keywords are an essential component of an SEO strategy.
Every website marketing plan should include SEO. Without a solid SEO strategy, your site will be lost, it will never appear in the top positions of search engine results. Ask yourself when you are looking for something how far do you go to find the business you plan to work with?!. Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to search engine rankings, so getting high rankings is very important. Good SEO can help you increase your rankings and make your website more viewed. The development of SEO strategy should be entrusted to professionals. You should not waste any resources that this strategy requires, because if you do everything right you are guaranteed a result.