Hot Line

The hotline is the perfect tool for bringing everything together! Hot line has many benefits for the company.

Hot Line

The hotline is the perfect tool for bringing everything together! Hot line has many benefits for the company. It help to grow and be more memorable for society. Those Benefits are: analyzing, controlling, protecting and managing incoming and outgoing communications. A hotline significantly changes the user's attitude towards the brand and its product.

It is recommended to select the city number, for the company hotline, along with the mobile number, which will also be integrated with the hotline system. In the minds of consumers, a brand with a city number is more prestigious and an important component for sales.

A well-functioning hotline creates brand prestige, emphasizes the consistent performance of the company and a high standard of control. Of course there are users, who find it more convenient to use a mobile number to communicate, which gives it a sense of privacy and sense of exclusive service, which is why the company should have both means at the same time.

Hot Line Service details:

Purchase of advertising numbers (city, mobile): Selection of advertising numbers is required for the hotline, both city and mobile, will be integrated with the software. 

Hot Line IVR Creation:

The Interactive Voice Response System is a technology, that enables automatic processing of telephone calls and interaction with subscribers.

IVR for automatic dialing is an automatic answering system that reduces human energy and financial costs. The automatic dialing feature, significantly increases the number of calls and is the best way to analyze this information.  hotline software also ensures the creation of an incoming and outgoing call recording of the campaign. It monitors the quality of employee work, created a customer base CRM, and more.

Company with fully operational hotline, is more seriouser for  customer. At the same time it will change his attitude and behavior towards the product or service. Whatsapp/Viber Networking: A fast and free communication format that is especially handy for incoming calls from abroad for quick exchange of presentations and additional information.

Hot Line Creating a hotline sales scenario:

Operator behavior standards are defined in advance. The script will be written as a document, Which makes the business flexible, automated and fast in time. 

Create a module for lead statuses, and comments based on business processes: Ideally, we should mark even a call whose author is not supposed to be interested in our product or service segment, as it is not possible to predict when we will need to contact this customer and make some offers.

All adjustments must be recorded and described in CRM! It should be used to create every subsequent communication or marketing activity.

Hot Line Training of hotline operators:

Training of existing or new employees, familiarization with the specifics of the work, training of telephone service standards, instructions for working with the software, introduction of a module, creation of an incentive system and monitoring of the quality of work.

Hot Line Create a weekly hotline work schedule:

It is impossible to follow the classic work schedule when planning and launching a hotline. Proper planning is necessary to determine the start time and activity of incoming calls and then draw up a work schedule according to this scheme.

Hot Line Hotline CRM (Behavior of Existing Customer Base) and Lead Database Generation:

Our hotline has a CRM module, an existing and potential customer base, with which we can permanently plan different activities and not have to depend on finding new customers every time. Through the CRM created by us, the existing consumer audience can be constantly informed about news, promotions. The database clearly identifies, by phone number, user name, surname, demographic data, interests. This allows cold lead processing to be planned. CRM allows us to process existing and

potential customers according to created statuses, quatrains and filled data and as a result plan discounts, promotions, next messages, which in total will ensure sales growth

Hot Line Incoming Communication Monitoring:

Customer interest research. It is necessary to divide the incoming and outgoing call base and analyze them one by one to reveal how effectively the ad / campaign works and whether there is a problem in terms of perceiving its content, whether the customer understands what we offer and how consistent it is.

Hot Line Monitoring of unanswered calls and processing of traffic:

On any hotline there are missed calls involuntarily or voluntarily. We do not ignore these types of calls and respond to them instantly or automatically, in the form of calls, campaign offers, etc. Frequently missed, unanswered calls are answered by our software's automatic call function to avoid delayed calls. 

Hot Line Hotline meeting plan / meeting scheduling and monitoring:

We pre-determine the number of meetings, monitor their performance, set a schedule, make reminder communication, and analyze the results obtained. 

Start-up Sales Manager - From Meetings to Sales Rate 5%
Average Sales Manager -From Meetings To Sales Rate 5-7%
Good Sales Manager - From Meetings to Sales Rate 8-11%
Very Good Sales Manager - From Meetings to Sales Rate 12-15%
Strong Sales Manager - From Meetings to Sales Rate 15-20%
Sales Guru - 25% or more from meetings to sales.

Hot Line  "Mystical Calls", monitoring and description:

Spontaneous incoming calls and non-ordinary questions often confuse the hotline employee. To fix such deficiencies, it is necessary to react quickly, to detect and eliminate them in a timely manner.
There is a development stage where the company must have a properly functioning hotline system and telephone service high standard.