Studio Lemons offers all types of internet services


The biggest advantage of cooperating with us is Lemons's biggest resource: a variety of advertising channels, technical capabilities and a team of professionals who make optimal use of this resource and care about the reputation, success and, most importantly, the result - sales growth, not only in quantity but also in quality.

We fully fund the necessary advertising activities, marketing needs and provide staff with both technical equipment and PR attributes (brochure, flyer, business card, title sheet, folder, etc.). In addition, we plan and implement the necessary activities to promote brand development (corporate event, customer loyalty-oriented festive events, business exhibitions, etc.).

Services We provide management of absolutely all sales services based on our financial risk:


Architecture, graphic support

Sales management

Create a web page

PR and marketing


Legal services

Introduce and manage a hotline

Social media management

Google Ads

Office support

Site technical support 

Content Management

Blog production

Hotline technical support

SMS service - mailing list


services We will also provide the project with the necessary human resources:

With sales managers

With hotline operators

With object operators

With online platform operators

With marketers, PR specialists

By business analysts

With administrative managers

With Post Sales Service Managers

With quality management professionals