Sales Outsourcing

There is fierce competition in the modern Georgian construction industry. The abundance of development projects throughout the country

Sales Outsourcing

There is fierce competition in the modern Georgian construction industry. The abundance of development projects throughout the country, and especially in the capital, make it difficult for customers to make a choice. Our company assists potential buyers of real estate in solving this dilemma, provides timely and adequate recommendations, informs the most optimal and alternative options tailored to the needs and desires of the customer. The company also offers construction companies the promotion of the brand and product/service, respectively... 

Thus, under completely different conditions, we take full control of the sales processes of construction companies! 

"Lemons" is an innovative company in the field of marketing, where the success, awareness, development, and advancement of you and your business are thought, discussed, and cared for by marketing and PR managers, highly qualified developers, programmers, designers, research, analytics specialists! We also respond to global challenges with innovative products. The pandemic has shown us that a new vision of the business is important for development, and yesterday's marketing tools and well-learned activities are outdated and no longer work.  Experts in the field agree with us.

We can confidently say that in Georgia, we were the first to make a profitable investment in the marketing communications and sales of the client company and we always come up with results that exceeded expectations. Eventually, after completing the sales, we also received a result-oriented return. 

We have done a detailed analysis of the work done for the right expectations, the final data of which we are happy to share with the general public: in the first month of cooperation with the construction company our result is 5-7% of total sales and to this day we maintain a steadily growing trend of 10% every month. This is a great comfort for any construction company.


If you want your construction company to know everyone, we are ready for that. Get ready too!


The narrative of our successful projects covers many pages, but the most special among them has recently been seen by the general public: "Alpha Residence" is today a very successful construction company, its construction project - a house near Kikvidze Garden - six-twelve floors Have given us the exclusive right to sell the complex. The result exceeded all expectations and as a result, a new contract was signed in the summer of 2018, according to which "Alpha Residence", under similar conditions, has already handed over other projects: house in Bagebi, house in Tsereteli, house in Isani, house in Vazha, house in Nutsubidze.

"Offering outsourced sales to construction companies" is one of the most relevant projects in modern Georgian business. In 2018, Lemons turned out to be the first company to create this innovative product, perfect it, bring it to the segment market, and pledge it as a complete marketing service for construction companies operating on the principle of investment. As part of this project, we offer construction companies almost 100% funding for marketing services - to facilitate and stimulate business traffic.

Our company operates under the terms of an exclusive contract, which means that we have partially changed the modern Georgian construction industry and some of its directions. Through Lemons' innovative outsourced sales offer product and strategic project planning, the sales process management and advertising approaches have taken the field to a whole new level, which has greatly simplified and streamlined the construction company's operations under many long-term projects.

If before, the builder had to do everything himself: construction project management, sales team selection, marketing calculations, social media management, analysis and reporting, budget control, legal responsibility, hotline management, etc. Then, the construction company is allowed to fully engage only in its core business and carry out within its competence: design, planning. We will also focus on: preparation of documents to be agreed with state structures, proper construction, and marketing activities, sales process management, housing, interaction with customers and residents, we will take care of brand promotion ... 

From the moment of concluding an exclusive contract for outsourced sales offer with the construction company, "Lemons" assumes the responsibility, mainly at the expense of its financial resources, to manage and fulfill the assigned rights and responsibilities. This strategy will ultimately provide significant savings for the construction company in human resources and rational distribution of financial resources. At the same time, certain types of risks are reduced to zero, which includes timely resolution and avoidance of many possible problems: from easing the dispute with the customer to the process of building the building and further monitoring of the surrounding area.

If your construction company is interested in the project created by the creative team of "Lemons" - "Offering outsourced sales" and wants to partner with us:  

Significantly simplify, quickly, and professionally manage marketing activities, save time and create comfort;

Reduce the irrational distribution of human resources;

Reduce and accurately calculate estimated financial costs;

Avoid risks;

To increase the awareness of the brand, product, service and to have a successful positioning in the market of the Georgian construction industry, etc.

Then check out our full range of innovative offerings!

The biggest advantage of cooperating with us is Lemons's biggest resource: a variety of advertising channels, technical capabilities, and a team of professionals who make optimal use of this resource and care about the reputation, success, and, most importantly, the result - sales growth, not only in quantity but also in quality...

We fully fund the necessary advertising activities, marketing needs and provide staff with both technical equipment and PR attributes (brochure, flyer, business card, title sheet, folder, etc.). In addition, we plan and implement the necessary activities to promote brand development (corporate events, customer loyalty-oriented holiday events, business exhibitions, etc.).

We provide management of absolutely all sales services based on our financial risk: 

Architecture, graphic support;

Sales management;

Create a web page;

PR and marketing;


Legal services;

Introduce and manage a hotline;

Social media management;

Google Ads;

Office support;

Site technical support;

Content Management;

Blog production;

Hotline technical support;

SMS service - mailing list;


We will also provide the project with the necessary human resources: 

With sales managers;

With hotline operators;

With object operators;

With online platform operators;

With marketers, PR specialists;

By business analysts;

With administrative managers;

With Post Sales Service Managers;

With quality management professionals.

We fully ensure the control of payments - in case of internal installments, the uninterrupted monthly inflow of funds, relations with banks - use of mortgage loans with the best conditions for the customer. 

We clarify the pricing policy of your construction company for products and services based on preliminary market research so that the subsequent project will meet the will and need of the potential customer segment.

Because of the above, it is important to have a pre-analytical conclusion in order not to hinder the sales process: significant excessive non-compliance with the market price is difficult to compensate even with the help of high-budget advertising. In such cases, the recommendations we have developed, even about price, ultimately make the business transaction significantly more profitable and avoid unreasonable costs. 

According to our strategy, when pricing the product of a construction company (apartment, house, garage, apartment ...), the following should be considered: location, size, availability of additional package of offers (benefit packages), payment system, awareness of the construction company, quality of materials used, manufacturer Brand prestige, etc.

Cooperation with us brings you savings:

Sales Outsourcing

As a result, the construction company receives numerous benefits. Among the most important are increased:


Sales Outsourcing

Full service includes


Sales Outsourcing

When a company decides that it is no longer ordinary, just a builder of one construction site, but wants to promote the company name, image, then we offer help - branding your own company. This means: creating a company brand book, defining and manufacturing branded attributes, creating designs. 

Branded attributes should be placed at points of sale and in areas accessible to the customer. 

In addition, for customer and construction company partners, we create holiday branded gifts to stimulate sales and use them for specific dates. We also manage the stocks of our created branded accessories and attributes, storage terms and conditions ...

Creating a brand book:
Creating a brand book allows the company to anticipate all the components that may take a minimum of 1, a maximum of 3 years to carry out this or that event and activity.  
  • Define branded attributes;
  • Creating a design for branded attributes (title page, business card);
  • Making branded attributes;
  • Defining Holiday Branded Gifts Making - For Customers And Partners;
  • Manage stocks of branded accessories;

Sales Outsourcing

Preparation of architectural files


Apartment planning

3D Visualization:  Creating 3D models is a creative process during which the image in the human imagination acquires real contours and materializes. To manage this process properly, you need to manage your creative potential, as well as a very high level of knowledge of very specific functions of specific programs:
  • 3D visualization of the hull;
  • 3D visualization of apartments and floors;
  • 360-degree visualization of the video; 
  • 3D visualization of recreational space;
  • Recreational space planning;
  • Landscaping design;
  • Arranging to plant;
  • Creating a layout;
  • Writing/monitoring of construction stages.


Sales Outsourcing

We will fully manage the sales process and will thoroughly write down, manage and execute all the components necessary for its smooth operation.
Develop a sales strategy: 
We will describe in detail all the stages of our company's outsourced offer sales, from creating advertising content on a social network to handing it over to the apartment owner.
Finding Sales Managers:
The most important link that provides management with detailed information about what they think, what they require, and what the customer wants. We periodically arrange a meeting with them to discuss this information.

Create a complete information document description and sales scenario for sales managers: 

Description of the sales process: 
We prepare in advance the process of the sales phase, from the entry of the lead to the conclusion of the customer agreement, so that this process is standardized and we do not allow it to be delayed in case of the introduction of a new employee or new situation.
A sales management document is created for sales managers, which includes pre-defined answers to questions, all the necessary information that may even be needed during the activity. Thus a kind of communication standard is adopted. 
All sales managers have corporate phone numbers, allowing the company to track all incoming and outgoing phone calls:

Creating corporate numbers;

Creating a sales manager's motivation scheme and monthly monitoring;

Creating, monitoring, and reporting mystical user;

Creating a Payroll Model for Sales Managers;

Sales Plan (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, Project Oriented);

Inventory / balance management; 

Sales staff report (meetings, sales, average per unit, total by months and quarter, and project);

Description of meetings, monitoring, and conversion into sales;

Sales Outsourcing


The role of social media is crucial as it is the best, fastest, and most effective way to build public opinion, awareness, trust, and loyalty. Along with the increase in the number of users, its influence increases with the completely different age, national, social, psychological, intellectual, etc. of people. In addition to being informative, it is also a means of determining the attitudes of different sections of society towards specific events. 

The existence of social media has radically changed the way we interact with the world as it has evolved into a process of online dialogue: between brands, people, government agencies, companies, and consumers. Given the above, the impact of social media in any business communication, including the construction industry, is quite obvious.

"If in the real world your customer is dissatisfied, he can share this feeling with six friends, and if users post their negative opinion on the Internet, this response will reach at least 6,000 people." (Jeff Preston Bezos, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Amazon)

People living in the digital age spend a lot of time on various social media platforms. This trend has become very relevant in the post-pandemic world. The example of Georgia clearly shows that social media marketing has become a priority over traditional forms of marketing, and with its help, a well-positioned business in the online space has been able to reach out to its target audience.

Social media is a platform where it is better to start preparing for the sales process, which will help us:

Maintaining a stable relationship with existing customers, attracting potential customers, and communicating with partner organizations. Professionally managed online positioning will ultimately increase the awareness of the company and its product (service). At such times, the authority of a stable and successful construction company will be created and with a permanent, thoughtful strategy, the social media channel will soon become the trumpet of your brand!

Social media allows us to have stable control and observation over the target audience. We will always be able to attract the attention of the customer through digital technologies. When we build relationships with customers, we automatically earn their trust as well. Sharing news and offers on social media in a defined scheme ensures that those interested in buying real estate are constantly informed about the activities of the construction company. 

Replying to messages and also removing numbers create a base for hotline operators.

Numerous psycho types of people exhibit heterogeneous behavior when active on social media. An experienced media manager responds to messages according to a professionally written script, ensuring that social media adjustment becomes a leader and motivates the person to move to the next stage of the relationship. Because of this, he leaves his contact information, which for further communication, is stored in the database of hotline operators, processed, and eventually becomes a buyer in the social network.

Design concept: 

It Is the most important part of branding. For the brand to be memorable, it is necessary to develop a unified complex of visual faces, which is: graphic form, artistic transmission style (retro, avant-garde, vintage ...), color (color load), etc. All attributes of the company should be revealed in more or fewer formats.

Design performance:

It is managed according to the unified concept of individual design of your construction company as a branded object.

Advertising management and reporting:

Advertising management is a permanent process of planning a brand advertising campaign, launching it on a social network, and daily monitoring and reporting is a visual report of the data obtained from the analysis of the mentioned activity to rationally plan the marketing strategy for the next month. 

Our team of professionals constantly monitors and determines which type of advertising activity is more effective and profitable for a particular company's activity or product promotion.

Determining the advertising budget:

This means setting an adequate budget for the expected results. At the same time, we will develop a periodic analysis to ensure that the allocated amount is spent economically and in a planned manner, and after the expiration of the pre-agreed time, we will complete the data reporting, which will avoid unnecessary spending.

Blog posts timeline for Facebook:

We produce blog posts following a set schedule and place them on the website. However, according to the different topics and the whole month plan, we determine in advance when and which topics should be shared for the user. Thematic divisions help us to know what kind of information is interesting for people.

FB LIVE Concept:

We will announce the whole cycle of timed video live on our Facebook timeline. It is a planned marketing strategy that triggers a biological stopwatch in the subconscious of the interested user - a timekeeper mode that will chain the subject in anticipation of the next turn on the Facebook page. Each subsequent engagement will be built according to the interests of the user. The first five minutes will be devoted to user interaction and answering questions, followed by coverage of the planned topic.

Video animation for social media:

A few seconds of moving digital images called Gif, which is an effective and easy-to-remember animation with some visual and sound effects. It can be fun, informative, motivational ... context. However, social media managers use them for certain purposes. For example, moving logo - reminds and remembers the brand of the subject subconscious, moving arrows of the clock - creates a reminder effect on the approach of the desired time or vice versa, etc.

Chatbot mailing:

By storing the data of people who are already interested in the company's post, we have the opportunity to inform them about the announced news. The process is managed by an experienced marketer who knows the psychology of the user, anticipates it, and pre-determines how automated the chatbot will be. This gives a kind of Push Message effect, which manifests itself: increasing customer engagement, desired traffic, increasing conversion, and improving communication with customers, allowing us to revive a previously spent budget and get the customer back from 10 to 15%.

Answers to pre-written questions about advertising activities - Automation:

Based on the analysis, we automate the study of user behavior, psychological component, their corrections, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

The main goal of this service is to accurately predict the sequence and maximize the information to be delivered, which allows us to save time and respond to the interested customer, not be delayed in time, and be optimized.

Ads Manager Management - Defining the type of advertising Lead price optimization:

The ad created in Ads Manager allows the SMM manager to (Unlike Facebook Boost) accurately target the target audience according to certain criteria, select the intensity, speed, and spending principle of the ad.

Defining the concept of FB answering machine - assembly:

We observe and study user psychology, behavior, analysis of their adjustments, questions, and answers. With this in mind, at the next stage, we meet the automated Facebook answering machine, answer the pre-written questions, and introduce chatbots to the advertising activities. 

Social Media Audit (monthly, quarterly social media strategy audit, strategy editing for a change):

Social media strategy changes based on audit data. We conduct customer audits, research, and study their behaviors. It is possible that as a result, the above strategy, which was described for social media activity, will be completely changed. For example: if 70% of our consumer audience is made up of women, then we are making content based on this contingent. However, if necessary, we can conduct the activity in such a way as to further increase the male audience.

Add a new social network if necessary and define its strategy. (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok): Facebook page is needed by almost every construction company, however, depending on the project and its scale, we can add: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, TikTok ...

Sales Outsourcing

Google and Google's advertising activity is vital for companies, especially for a construction company, because a large part of consumers, due to their interests, search for important information in the browser. 

The Google Ads service involves analyzing relevant keywords for the company, defining keywords, and running ads on Google search engines, which result in a user searching for specific keywords in the search engine (google) and displaying information about the company on relevant pages.

Defining Keywords (Internet Research):

Keyword Research is important until we have a comprehensive list of possible options. Keep in mind, however, that when it comes to keywords, matching them with a topic of interest to the user and pre-determining the probability of being grammatically typed in a Google search engine is a crucial process.

We place high-quality and relevant content about our business on other platforms on the Internet, in which we also use keywords that have already been researched. At the same time, it is necessary to calculate all their possible variants, so that none of the users is left out of the spotlight (keywords are defined not only in Georgian).  

Determining the advertising budget and search engine advertising:

Google does not provide any analytics to determine keyword result capability. However, we can further analyze the amount we pay per click and/or website, keyword, with the probability of spelling violations that are most common on the Internet about a particular word to cover all categories of users and erroneous assumptions. The budget can be defined in two components: how many clicks we want to have, or how much we want to pay per view.

Defining an Advertising Budget and You tube Advertising:

Google has three types of ads: banner, YouTube, keyword. Analyzing all three types of advertising It is important to determine when which type of advertising is most effective to use. There are also subtypes: True View Ads, Bumper Ads, Un-Skippable Ads, and also: Sponsored card Overlay ads and Display ads. Since the number of video content users has increased a lot, we determine which videos are visible and then we place ads on the videos that we watch similar content. This is an interesting strategy for determining the target segment, which can be done both with a test option and based on the analysis of the obtained data.

Defining a Remarketing Strategy (Implementing Campaign Planning):

Remarketing is an online marketing tool developed by Google AdWords experts. Technology allows us to return to the company those customers who viewed the product and/or service on the site but did not make a purchase.

Sales Outsourcing

A blog is a type of site produced by one or more people, with regular posts describing various events and containing graphic, video, audio material. Most of them contain comments or news about a specific topic or combine text, images, website links, and other media related to the topic. In addition, the ability for users to leave comments interactively is an important component for metadata-oriented companies.
Define keywords for search engines and create relevant blog posts:
Blog Concept: A blog is one of the most important components of search engine integration if a construction company wants to be highly searchable online. Its concept should be based on keyword analysis. It's important to determine what type of blog we should write! Otherwise, a kind of dummy blog can be created, which will not only help the company in its activities but vice versa! As a result, allocated financial and human labor resources will be spent irrationally.
Posting the blog on the site:
Means posting typed text on the site, taking into account all its specifics, to make your blog searchable and recognizable. The next step is to create a backlink for all existing Keywords. The backlink must exist within the site. And it means getting a link to a service, website, or service on other websites, which is usually paid for. By purchasing backlinks and getting different rankings of a website, Google perceives how much more valuable it is because "others talk about us" and responds accordingly.
The Keyword must be more visible to Google:
Tilted, dimmed, with different fonts ... The site needs about 150 technical details to be calculated and supported for the search engine to work properly. According to research and observations, most Georgian Internet users, after entering the search engine, open the organic link for the first time, so that it leaves the advertisement. This peculiarity of their behavior makes us think carefully about spending money on advertising or blogging, although both are somewhat profitable.
Video Blog
Concept, persona, filming, editing, placement. Video blogging, alongside text, photo, and graphic blogs, is becoming increasingly popular. Due to the lockdown created during the Covid-19 pandemic, the visibility of blogs has increased, therefore, companies have been using it more and more often for about a year. The concept is defined in advance, the person is selected, the theme is chosen, it is filmed in series. After that, you need to install it on YouTube and the relevant platform and share it on the social network to generate traffic.
Sales Outsourcing

Content is information that is posted on the site and any online platform, starting with text, videos, and images. When creating a site, it is necessary to define the exact content, because it is one of the most important tools of sales and advertising, through which we directly contact users. 

Creating Content for the Site (About Us, Mission, Purpose, Cost, Project Description, Completed Projects): Required. In the case of a construction company, this is large-scale, public information posted on the official site about the brand's activities, history, action strategy, team, and other interesting aspects. Information is presented in the form of text, photos, and video material. It is equally interesting for the customer to see the chronological stages of the construction of the facility, as well as to view other projects implemented by the company, to get feedback from customers and experts, etc.

Site Content

Sales and advertising are some of the most important tools through which a company directly contacts customers. The interested client will be informed in detail about all parts of the site. 

When creating content you need to think about the users, you need to create what they are interested in and what they will read. Creating content that indirectly forces users to pause words for more than 10 seconds and/or a medium pause, according to Google analytics, has more than 2 minutes and 3-4 pages to view, requires strategy development, joint work of the content manager, and copywriter.

Preparation of site photo material: The photo should be of high quality, context-appropriate, and non-banal, maximally reflecting the activity or text.

Construction process update (photo / text): 
We take photos every two weeks for the ongoing construction process of the facilities and a detailed description of the process and post it on the site to provide information to existing or potential customers. This strategy has a positive effect on both contingents: the customer who has already bought the apartment observes every two weeks what processes have started and at what stage of construction, and the potential buyer who still refrains from buying the apartment monitors the process and makes sure we do not stop. Goes forward and at some point decides to become our resident.
youtube -  channel management and video content posting:
It is important to create full-fledged video content for a construction company, with a high-quality visualization, description of the product for sale (apartment, house, apartment ...) ... It should be noted that the relevance of online video content is growing significantly worldwide.
youtube - channel content concept, filming, editing:
Define style, install, post, and share on social media.
Defining content for social media:
We pre-determine: frequently asked questions for social media, answering machines, chatbots, however monthly we also define the content, what type of information it should contain, and also how we should deliver it to the customer. We also pre-process message boxes, customer interaction style through social media, etc.  
Change and update frequently asked FAQ information:
FAQ questions should be updated permanently so that their content does not become irrelevant and banal.
Sales Outsourcing

The hotline is the ideal strategy for bringing everything together!

For the company it represents:

Ability to analyze incoming and outgoing communications, control, protect security components, and manage aggressive users. Fixing an application in a hotline significantly changes the user's attitude towards the brand and its product. 

For the construction company hotline, it is best to select the city number along with the mobile number which will also be connected to the hotline system. It has been established that a brand with a city number has more prestige and is an important component for sales. A well-functioning hotline creates brand prestige, emphasizes the consistent performance of the company and a high standard of control.

Some customers find it more convenient to use a mobile number to communicate, which gives them a sense of privacy and exclusive service, which is why a construction company should have both means at the same time.

Purchase of advertising numbers (city, mobile):

We also buy hotline advertising numbers, both in the city and on mobile phones, and introduce software that needs hotline management. Soft and Hotline Manager, together ensure the creation of all campaign records.

Creating all the records of a company is essential. In the case of a fully operational hotline, the customer will take the company more seriously. At the same time, it will change his attitude and behavior towards the product or service.

WhatsApp Viber Network Creation:
It is a fast and free communication format, which is especially practical for the author of incoming calls from abroad, for quick exchange of presentations and additional information. 
Create a hotline sales scenario:
Operator behavior standards are determined in advance. The script will be written as a document, resulting in the creation of a standard action plan standard.

Create a module for lead statuses, quatrains, and comments based on business processes:

Ideally, we should mark even a call whose author is ostensibly not interested in our product or service segment, as it is not possible to predict when we will need to interact with that customer and make a specific offer. All adjustments must be recorded and described in CRM!
Hiring and retraining of hotline operators:
We ensure that we constantly have backup staff, hotline operators (trained and well trained). As a result of such an approach, if necessary, for example, during the growth of the company, the shortage of human resources will be avoided and new employees will be urgently assigned to the hotline number and software.
Create a weekly hotline work schedule: 
It is impossible to follow the classic work schedule when planning and launching a hotline, it is not possible to standardize the process with stereotypes. For proper planning, it is necessary to determine the start time and activity of incoming calls and then draw up a work schedule according to this scheme.
Hotline CRM (Behavior of Existing Customer Base) and Lead Database Generation:

Our hotline has a CRM module, an existing and potential customer base, with which we can permanently plan different activities and not have to depend on finding new customers every time. Through the CRM created by us, the existing customer audience can be constantly informed about news, promotions, as well as we can plan outgoing calls with them. 

The company is constantly trying to acquire, find a cold lead base and integrate it into the hotline CRM. The database identifies, by phone number, user name, surname, demographic data, interests. This allows cold lead processing to be planned.

CRM allows us to process existing and potential customers according to created statuses, quatrains, and completed data and as a result plan discounts, promotions, text messages, which in total ensures sales of at least 10% of the realized traffic.

Incoming Communication Monitoring: Find out the reason for a customer call.
It is necessary to divide the incoming and outgoing call base (into incoming and outgoing calls) and analyze them one by one to determine how effectively the ad works and whether there is a problem in terms of content perception, whether the customer understands what we offer and how consistent incoming call questions are.
IVR Creation:

The Interactive Voice Response System is a technology that enables the automatic processing of telephone calls and interaction with subscribers. IVR is for recording and linking to the software - greeting, weekend texts, automatic delivery of working hours and days information, etc.

IVR for automatic dialing is an automatic answering system that reduces human energy and financial costs.

Monitoring of unanswered calls and processing of traffic:
On any hotline, there are missed calls involuntarily or voluntarily. We do not ignore these types of calls and respond to them every hour, in the form of calls, campaign offers, etc.
Hotline meeting plan/meeting scheduling and monitoring:
We determine the number of meetings in advance, monitor them, schedule and analyze the results. 
Hotline Employee Report (Working Hours, Calls Made, Missed Calls, Break Days and Hours, Scheduled Meetings, Lead Generation):
Because of all the above points, full reporting takes place at the end of each month, or by prior negotiation.
 "Mystical Calls", monitoring and description:
Spontaneous incoming calls and unanswered questions sometimes confuse a hotline employee, at such times it is important to determine if the automated answer has become robotic. In case of fixing such deficiencies, it is necessary to react quickly, to detect and eliminate them promptly.

When a company has successfully implemented and maintained a hotline in practice based on customer requirements and company growth processes, it needs its technical support, which assumes the existence of the server and its maintenance: protection and storage of records, incoming, outgoing calls, and information. Due to the current processes, there will be a need to introduce new fields, modules, reporting systems, it is the hotline technical support service that provides this type of tasks, sets its tasks, and manages the progress of the execution process. 

The introduction of new modules requires testing, in the process of which the hotline manager together with the web developer tests the new module, examines the gaps or updates and changes the required data, and ensures that all of the above are technically maintained in the shortest possible time. At the same time, it is important to introduce a new module without interrupting current processes and activities.

  • Server
  • Define the task of new modules
Testing of new modules: 
For a company hotline to function effectively, it is important to monitor and describe the process to determine promptly what needs to be changed to get a better result.
Introduction of new modules:
We will test the hotline and in case of any problem, provide comprehensive information about the defect to the company.
Sales Outsourcing
Printing  Business Cards: Creating high-quality business cards is essential for the company's prestige. However, their design and concept should reflect the official attributes and credentials of the brand.
Printing title pages:  its existence and use in official correspondence is an essential component for the successful operation and image of the company.

Print business envelope;

Contract envelope design, printing;

Book printing;

Print on pens;

Brochure design and printing;

Magazine content, design, printing;

Crane lighting design, manufacture, installation;

Design, manufacture, installation of office lighting lightbox;

Flyer concept, design, print, distribution

Determining the dimensions of the fence banner, design, printing, delivery/installation;

Buy T-shirts, print on it;

Creating a presentation design;

Creating a catalog according to the product of specific projects, printing;

Creating and manufacturing a presentation helmet.

Sales Outsourcing

The most important component of our service is the provision of office support by construction companies, which means that in this or that facility, builders have to allocate workspace: a small office or a container with a bathroom and air conditioning. As for the rest: office video-monitoring system, furniture, IT support, office tidying, inventory management, equipment supply, its smooth operation - our side already provides.

Creating an Office Video Monitoring System: Important for the company as it facilitates remote access to the office. In addition, video monitoring changes user behavior and employee attitudes towards activities, creating much higher credibility and communication standards.

Arranging office furniture:
We create the segmental interior design to take into account the specifics of the surrounding area and the purchasing power of customers. Excessive luxury should not frighten the customer and should not create the illusion of inaccessibility and high cost, nor should an overly humble office interest arouse customer distrust.
Office cleaning:
We take care of cleaning the company so that ordinary employees do not need to think about it, spend time and energy and the office should be constantly on the lookout for customer meetings.
Office Supply Management: 
The office support component is needed in any office: sheets, flyers, envelopes, pens, and other office items, the supply and delivery of which is provided by our party.
Office IT Support:
The internet should work properly in the office of the construction site and various technical tools should be placed: computer, printer, etc. The IT Support Service of our company, which operates continuously: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is responsible for ensuring the operation of equipment and the Internet without interruption. 
Procurement of office equipment:
We provide the purchase of office equipment of the construction company.
Sales Outsourcing

It is a known fact that companies are actively pursuing SMS campaigns and using them in advertising channels. However, well-planned, results-oriented SMS can deliver far more results than sending short text messages without a strategy. We have this service as a service that we use: to confirm official information or agreements with loyal customers and also step by step for sales purposes. If necessary, we can send up to 8 million SMS within a month, depending on sales dynamics and strategy.

Our SMS, as experience shows, is distinctive, readable, and indelible compared to the advertising analogs of other companies. We also determine the correct traffic, set the number of incoming calls in advance, and accordingly prepare for the hotline angle, towards the acceptable adjustments.

Thus, SMS service, if properly managed, gives companies brand promotion. As well as the possibility of increasing sales.

Defining an SMS campaign:
Our company marketer defines how to plan an SMS campaign. Some short text messages will be sent to a loyal customer, some - to an advertising campaign. According to our strategy, after all, communications, we send a message to the customer, which indicates the address, telephone number, and the name of the sales manager.
Create SMS text:
In the right marketing conditions, it is necessary not only to send advertisements for sales but also for non-commercial interest: even congratulations on different dates, events, sending news, announcing an appointment, etc. It is a guarantee of direct and friendly communication, which is beneficial for both parties.
Sales Outsourcing
Any business needs to analyze the available data and revise, modify or implement the planned course based on it. We provide the company with analytical services for the received data from the hotline, website, incoming or outgoing adjustments, purchases, customer contracts ...
Resident Payment Schedule Automation:
We find out in detail what stage the construction process is at and at what stage the corresponding amount is paid, to compile the texts of the reminder and offer messages accordingly. The process must be managed dynamically and delicately. Find out at what stage the customer's contributions for construction purchase. If necessary, we call him and remind him that the time of payment is approaching, we set their readiness, or if necessary, we sign a document regarding the deferral and/or resale of the apartment.
Sales Analytics (we find out according to the projects: object sold, average price, total income, remaining area for sale, deadlines, average planned price, average planned income):
A complete analysis of the stage of the project, what is the average price, how many months are left before its completion, and what type of sales strategy should be implemented before the completion of construction, when selling apartments, we do the marketing budget of the project and follow the plan.
Project budgeting:
We carry out detailed budgeting in the financial services and then we spend the whole marketing campaign on it we have a sales exclusive. The contract will specify how many square meters to be sold and how much the quota is for both price overruns and planned price reductions.
Quality monitoring system:
The most important process that will prevent a construction company from arguing with customers over quality standards in the distant future is legal disputes, legal disputes, and unforeseen financial costs.

Weekly description of construction processes, identification of deficiencies, delivery of documents to the builder, giving recommendations to prevent breaches of deadlines.

Production of the process of handing over the sold apartments / accepting-handing over the handover, closing the relationship.

The project submission process, the election of the chairperson, the handover of the project to the chairperson, the description of the work to be performed before the handover, the determination of the execution deadlines, and the monitoring of the execution:
We take part in the process of submitting the engineering-architectural project and electing the chairman of the partnership, equipped with our trust. From that moment on, he becomes an actual mediator with the residents of the construction company and assumes responsibility, within the scope of his competence, for the timely and adequate implementation of the issues outlined.
Communicating with residents - describing issues, detailing work to be done, and monitoring / delegating performance.

Sales Outsourcing

We consult in the field of legal services
Creating the terms of the contract:

Elaboration of contract terms; 


Sharing experiences;

Automation of contracts; 

Monitoring payment terms; 

Withdrawal of disobedient taxpayers create a system;

Payment deferrals; 

Preparation of letters and agreements; 

Creating receipts; 



Sales Outsourcing

Develop a communication strategy with internal staff;

Creating a hierarchy of employee structure;

Budgeting and planning/implementation of employee incentive campaigns

Develop a PR strategy for the month/quarter/year;

Crisis PR Communication Develop / Implement Case Communication Strategy;

Develop a marketing strategy for the month/quarter/year;

Market research/analysis;

Strategic project development / project description / presentation / budgeting

Creating new, complimentary products, presentation / description / budgeting

Packaging of products for sale - creating a sales strategy;

Offline Marketing Strategy (TV, Radio, Outdoor Advertising);

Outdoor advertising budgeting, photo, video, design, concept and performance -monitoring;

TV story planning performance

Filming a TV commercial;

TV video placement Grid setup/budgeting;

Set up a radio ad network, create an ad text, and record.

Sales Outsourcing

The process of building a website with us involves considering not only the design but also each element of your marketing plan. Since it is one of the key components of visualizing a company's activities, we believe that its context and artistic side should fully express the concept of your brand. Many years of experience in this field allow us to deliver a quality product to the customer. 
We know how to help your site succeed!

A large part of the potential customer in the construction industry is looking for a solution to their demand and desire in the web space. A website designed with a premeditated strategy will allow you to attract and interest your target contingent with online space, raise the awareness of your brand, specific product, and service and be a 24/7 connection with your customers not only locally but also globally.

It is important to create a website where interesting information, the news is often posted ... Customers will have: the opportunity to create their own office or space and the opportunity to express their opinion, as well as the luxury of establishing direct contact with the company leaders, etc. 

An online visitor should feel that entering their website and posting an opinion or advice is important to the construction company.

Stages of creating a website:
The first step is to create a technical description of the website, what functionality it should be, what we want to achieve with this website;

Creating content (photo / text) for a web page: texts, photos, video content 

Website concept: style, direction, future visions;

Create a web page technical task

Website design;

Description of technical processes according to the website design ;

Website front and back end development;

Website testing;

Integration of website with search engine SEO;

Web site launch;

Website technical support;

Website content.

Sales Outsourcing
Any site (and especially the site of a construction company!) To be easily managed, to be constantly maintained, and its existing or future functionality to be sophisticated, tested according to daily activities. For this, he needs a special cover made by a specific person or group of people.
Technical specifications include:

Hosting: The allocation of web space for our existing website and the payment of this relevant space, by ourselves;

Mail service;

Execution of technical add-ons of the site: according to the requirements, it will be created as a kind of attachment and will be delivered based on acceptance.