Logo Brand Book

After creating the desired company/brand name, the next step is logo and brand book creation.

Logo Brand Book

After creating the desired company/brand name, the next step is logo and brand book creation.

Logo Brand Book Logo - is an individual graphic figure (drawing), Logo can be company’s name-written in a special font or graphic symbol- associates to company’s name.

The purpose of the logo is to tell a story about the company, it must be the company’s image. It will help to convey the company and its idea to the target audience.

Logo and company style - is the most important thing for the company, it s the way you communicate with customers and partners.

The company logo is placed on: website, forms, envelopes, souvenirs, advertisements or banners, etc.
logo differentiates companies. The prototype of the modern logo appeared by the time when sales started. In that time logo could be - a sign, a master stamp, a special inscription on the product.

Do not follow fashionable and modern trends to create a different logo. You must remember that popular trends change very quickly, so you have to be creative and try to create something that will work on your company image for many years. 

Be moderately original

Usually, every designer tries to create an original logo, but often they make the same mistake. They try to be extra. The main thing is to try not to load the logo design with many small details.

Logo Brand Book Making a brand book is essential for any business because it includes elements such as logo, colors, other components related to brand visualization, main principles of brand, goals, and more.

The purpose of the brand book:

  • Establishing the essence of the brand;
  • Defining the visual elements of the brand - brand visualization;
  • Ensuring the implementation of the brand strategy;
  • Establish unified guidelines for the brand.

Brand book: A book of rules for dealing with brand attributes. Why? Imagine if every time you print a visit card, every employee has to create an individual design for each visit card. This situation could be out of control, and cause problems. To avoid problems in the future it is important to create a brand book.

The brand book consists of: documents (form, folder), printing samples (flyer, booklet, poster), and souvenir design (pen, flash drive). However, this list may be different in each case, it is depended on the company's   needs. Sometimes something can be added or on the contrary.
The volume of a brand book depends on the complexity of the particular brand and the goals it faces. 

Who it is for? PR managers, marketing managers, designers, printing staff, and anyone with a background in content, visual design, or print. 

What does its existence mean for the organization? consistency, clarity, uniform, and established style. 

The mission of the brand book is to properly convey to the employees the idea of ​​the brand and its key components. It reflects the laws of the brand. The brand book contains the company's  positioning, mission, values, all laws on the use of brand style elements, and their detailed specification. Creating a brand guide is the final part of developing a brand style that enables the company to accurately reflect the brand’s visual style in any communication channel.