Co-investing in marketing

Consulting company, as your advisor, presents a wonderful project for female entrepreneurs.

Co-investing in marketing

For companies that have female founders or most of their employees are women, we offer up to 60%, which is required for strategic brand/business development.

As they say, 2021 is a year of news and new challenges. We have always had the ambition to be innovators in the field of marketing, to meet the challenges of the new era with an innovative product.

The pandemic only showed us that a new vision of the business is important for development, yesterday's marketing tools and well-learned activities are outdated and no longer work, experts in the field will undoubtedly agree with us.

It is the concern of every marketer today to do something different, emotion-focused, something bigger and more complex than the various marketing activities taken separately. (Managing a social page, creating a website, planning a holiday event, running separate PR campaigns, managing a specific process crisis, or even disseminating information on a large scale, etc.) 

Lemons has been actively positioning itself in the Georgian and European markets since 2011 as a business supporter in Internet marketing. Since 2018, it has been successfully implementing similar types of investment and consulting projects with co-financing.

Co-investment - The products of investment companies in the market are associated with a share concession in exchange for receiving money. Lemons'  team replaced the existing stereotype with the introduction of a co-financing project with a new vision for investing. 


About the project 


Lemons 10 years of experience in marketing is an opportunity for your business to become larger.
To guarantee the risks, the business has to co-finance the budget required for the implementation of the strategic development plan. In the first phase, we will fund the 10 most interesting, active, different-vision businesses for one year. 
Priority areas for investment are marketing, construction, and technological development. 
This list does not exclude the possibility of financing other areas, if you think your business is interesting and profitable, send information and the consulting team will offer you an alternative source of funding based on the interests of the idea. 
Receiving an application for a funding project is divided into 3 stages:

Phase I :  until March 20, 2021;

Phase  II : June 1, 2021, to June 15, 2021;

Phase III : October 1 to October 15, 2021.

To participate in the co-financing project you need:

Step 1 


 Operate Georgian business in the space for at least 2 years (confirmed by the updated entrepreneurial extract of the company);

 Owners and management - at least one of the owners or director/manager must be a woman (for at least the last 5 months, which is also confirmed by an extract from the updated business register).


 Employees - Most of the employees of the company must be female (confirmed by the information of the last 5 months of submissions to the tax authorities and the income tax return);

 Company turnover - the company's income for the last 12 calendar months must be at least 500,000 GEL (five hundred thousand) (confirmed by the VAT return and income tax return submitted to the tax authorities for the last 12 months);

 Marketing expenses - the average annual marketing expenses without investment activities should be 50 000 GEL; 

 Tax lien/seizure - the company should not have any tax lien or seizure at the time of entering into the contract. (Confirmed by relevant comparison acts).


Step 2 


If you meet all of the above priorities, the next step for co-investors is:

o, send a brief description of the company, field of activity, in any format: (written, video, or voice message) Legal and actual address of the office or production; 

Budget of the company's annual average marketing activities;

o and your vision of why you need investment activity, what results it can bring to the brand's success in one year. 

Send the application to the e-mail address: or for more information contact us on the hotline: 245 01 01


Step 3


You will receive a response message within three business days after submitting your application:

• In case of a positive answer to the co-financing review, you will receive:

  • List of processes - 3 working days;
  • Meeting schedule - 7 working days;
  • მFull-service description / contract draft - 14 working days. 

 In case of refusal, you will receive an explanatory letter no later than 3 working days;

 You may be refused co-financing, although an alternative offer may be considered at the initiative of the investment group. - 10 working days. 


Step 4  


After completing the third stage (in case investors are interested in your business) the next stage of communication involves planning the meeting to get acquainted with the details of the project to be funded. 


Step 5  


Briefing of the work to be done, review of the strategy, and preparation of the financing agreement - contract.  wishes you good luck