Do you need to increase sales growth? Then this information is for you!

18. 12. 2018

So, what defines a high-class company? Obviously, professional staff members and effective management. These guarantees the success of sales. We have many examples of successful companies in the different parts of the world which trusted their sales to professionals outside of the company. 

Georgia has also been using this practice lately. “Lemons”, already very experienced company in sales, offers result oriented, full outsourcing service. 

Why outsourcing? And why “Lemons”? 

The answer is very easy. You save time, finance, human resources, and most importantly, you get absolutely completed service by professionals. The effectiveness of a sales team is enabled by marketing. 

So, branding, marketing, sales are services offered by “Lemons”. This is the perfect combination of to increase the company’s publicity, reputation and all of this directly affects sales. 

The professional team filled with sales and marketing specialists, financiers, lawyers, and designers make ensure effective and long-term sales. 

You can use your precious time on your specialized job and trust sales to us - the professionals

Increase sales

It’s very important to note that you don’t have any financial expenses until the product isn’t sold. So, the settlement is only after tangible results.

You will have only one person to communicate with, who will provide several services: 

  • Full service in marketing communication and sales
  • Creating and implementing a PR strategy
  • Logo, naming, branding
  • Event management
  • Correctly planned budget and everyday monitoring
  • Running websites and providing content
  • Typography
  • Sending our representative to you (if needed)
  • Social media management, including managing content, planning advertising activities, popularization of an image of the product
  • Planning, implementing and controlling of action
  • Flexible reporting, research, and analysis - one more proof that you made the right decision
  • Services after the sale - we will ensure the comfort of the customer even after they become the owner of the product
  • Full accounting and juridical services in sales

Increase sales

We take over the company’s corporate social responsibility and take care of your image! 

The entire sales process is based on research and includes both market and competition analysis, the study of the behavior of customer, interpretation, and analysis of results.   

We offer full service, and you can choose only a few of the services you want

We have only one condition - we will have an exclusive right on your particular project, products 

For my consultation and help,  me and my company will be always with you.

Only original solutions  -

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