Freelancer or Web Studio? Which will make you a better site?

26. 11. 2018

One of the biggest dilemmas before website making is choosing between a web studio or freelancer. For making our choices easier we here list the pros and cons of both sides.

Cooperation with freelancer

+ price – cheap service – this is the main factor while choosing a freelancer. But IF YOUR PROJECT IS SIMPLE and you only need only a specific service it will probably be more profitable for you to hire just a designer. But for large, complex project you need more than one specialist, so the costs won’t and can’t be small in the end. As freelancers are involved in a highly competitive industry, they tend to increase prices to attract new customers. 

+ Flexible work schedule – they neither work not obey the orders of the offices, so agreeing on meeting anytime is not a problem. 

However – A narrow specialization of one person may bot be good at everything. Usually, an independent designer specializes in one or two aspects of design. If a freelancer designer does more than he/she can, this can lead to the weakening of the final product. Sometimes freelancer asks for help to others and the client has to hire a few people. 

Think if you are ready to become a person who connects two strangers. 

Cooperation with the web studio

+ Reliability and communication 

Don’t get it wrong. We don’t say that you can’t trust freelancers. But, the level of fulfilling obligations is higher in web studios than in the case of freelancers. You are entrusting the project to one person and if you do, you risk deadlines or even your project. And later you still have to look for another specialist. 

+  Broad specialization

Unlike a freelancer who works independently, web studio has a team of professional staff that guarantees you the complexity of work and fitting in deadlines. One goal-oriented team ensures better communication between participants. In addition, when you have a team of professionals, you will be able to find solutions to difficult situations. 

+  Experience and deadlines

The level of experience is dependent on the number of projects completed and the freelancer will find It hard to complete with web studios in this aspect. Freelancers also won’t be able to handle multiple projects due to deadlines. And if you are limited in time then it is best to contact the web studio. 

+ Post-project service

Freelancers usually finish a relationship with the customer after the project is delivered. Web studios provide certain services even after submitting a project. 

However - the cost of Web Studio services is more expensive

than Freelancer. For short term projects, web studio services are expensive, but

if you are starting a large project that requires a large number of

specialists, then the price is quite fair. 

In some cases - lack of flexibility - unlike freelancer web

studio has an office that can be far from the customer, and working hours with the overloaded schedule. Therefore, all meetings should be organized in advance. 

 Who should you choose?

Here are some tips to help you choose: 

-       Talk to your friends and colleagues. They can provide valuable advice. 

-       If you have no recommendations, then choose from a trusted source.

-       Search the Freelancer and Web Studio portfolio.

-       Study customer reviews.

-       Hold a personal meeting. Prepare and don't hesitate to ask questions. Remember that there is no awkward question when it comes to business.

-       You can always say no. If in doubt, tell the selected candidate boldly. If he can - he will convince you of their abilities. If not and just continue your search.

The choice is yours! 

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