How web design helps in attracting customers?

26. 11. 2018

Create a great user experience

If you have a website you have heard of the terms User experience design (UX) and User interface design (UI). Though UX and UI are not the same, they have a similar nature. 

They are the tools you’ll need to build a beautiful, high functioning and easily navigable website that will attract customers in your target market. 

UX and UI work together. User interface design can be thought of like graphic design, user experience design has more to do with designing the optimal paths a customer will use to navigate through the website.  

UX designers spend their time focused on things like menu layouts and navigation links, button designs and locations, shopping cart usability, and other tools that website visitors need. 

So, using UX and UI in design strategy is your guarantee that invested resources will result in attracting a targeted audience.

How to make an unforgettable, positive first impression?

The homepage is the most important. It doesn’t matter how the customer got on your website. They always evaluate you from the homepage. Obviously, other pages on your website should attract them but the homepage is always the center of design efforts. This is exactly what effects the first impression because this is how people are meant to enter your virtual business, this is the digital face of your company. 

Visitors who won’t like your homepage will most certainly leave the website. Such users won’t recommend you and in the worst case, it can affect your reputation. 

In case you are taking the first steps in your project use the following tips in design:

Tell website visitors about your business: what can they get, what kind of problems you can handle. A message should include company brandings – logos, slogans and information about your goods and services. 

Speak your target market’s language: Pay attention to how your competitors interact with their customers, what resources they use, what topics they talk about, and which topics are popular. Create content that is understandable and appealing to your target audience. 

No one likes spam. If your home page is overloaded with content, inactive links, and your home message is overwhelmed and overloaded, then users will perceive it as spam and leave your internet resource soon. Quality web resources are not overloaded with various unnecessary content and visitors can easily navigate the site.

Be mobile-friendly: use adaptive web design, especially on the homepage. with the help of adaptive design, any mobile user will reach you. 

IT industry is evolving every day and the only way to follow it is to be updated about all trends and news. Build and develop your website. Observe competitors, news, marketing instruments and always be updated!  

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