Myths about building a website that you shouldn’t believe

22. 04. 2019

Myth 1. It’s cheaper to build your website yourself. 
If you think that building your website can save your money you are mistaken. It is always recognizable for visitors whether the website is built by a beginner or a professional. It will also give you a great return on investment in the long term. 

Money spent on professionals finally will result in better outcomes and fewer headaches. 

Here is why: 
Building a website requires knowledge and experience. You may not be qualified in every detail, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get the willing result. Trust technical issues to professionals. 

Agencies will take time to gather information about the specifics of your business to find the correct strategy for you. 

Agencies which are integrated into different fields can also help you with other activities beyond website development (SEO, content management, internet marketing, etc.)

Myth 2. Not all websites must be mobile-optimized
Don’t we live in a smartphone era? So, people are forgetting computers slowly and their main platform is becoming smartphones. And it is essential to have a mobile-optimized website. 

You can not believe in this myth, because: 
The needs of customers who enter from mobile are different than those who enter from a computer. Mobile users are usually searching for faster information and are ready to purchase as fast as possible. The survey showed that 42% of smartphone users are impulsive buyers. 

Optimizing your website for mobile devices provides your users with good user experience (UX) because they can comfortably browse your website on the fly. 

If your website is not responsive, the number of visitors will be less and it will affect your search engine ranking. 

Websites that are not friendly with mobiles will ultimately drive your customers away. 

Myth 3. Writing content is an easy part
Many people save content for later because they think it is an easy task and it requires less time and resources. This is a huge mistake. Website content is exactly what attracts a visitor. Content making should start at the beginning of the website building and not after the building is over. 

And here are the reasons why:
Content marketing helps you to identify your target audience and competitors. It also helps you to define the main features and priorities, price differences. 

 It is hard to create impressive content and it takes time.

Website content should have optimized keyword, well written and meaningful messages that make the customer call for action. This is not something that is not worth the time and money.  

Creating a content strategy is equally as important as a site map. 

Myth 4. It is better when it has different features
Many believe that if the website has many functions, it will attract more visitors. But, in reality, it is quite the opposite. You are going to confuse your visitors and they may not understand your offers and simply leave a website. 

How can more features harm your website?
A website’s clarity gets compromised when you add unnecessary features. As a result, you can lose your customers. 

Remember - Simple is always better. You should build a website that is oriented on customer and won’t be overloaded. When customers visit a website they shouldn't lose time.

Myth 5. Beautiful and attractive design means generating enough traffic
Many believe that it is enough for websites to look good to attract traffic. Design is important but there are various factors you should consider for increasing traffic.

For example: 

  • Easy domain 
  • Hosting
  • Website accessibility 
  • Content quality 
  • Keyword research 
  • SEO

Setting clear and measurable goals with an idea of your specific audience in mind will help you go a long way. Prioritizing these goals also will greatly help your marketing strategies for your website. Remember good design is not the only thing that your website needs.

Myth 6. When you finish building your website you can rest. 
It’s very often when working on a website stops as soon as it is built. This is a mistake. Just remember. You should continue working on your website even after it is built. It is an ongoing process and if you think that building is hard, consider that this is just a beginning! 

Always update your website, evaluate it and from time to time you’ll need to optimize.

And at the end
Website building requires strategic thinking, appropriate knowledge in this field, considering trends and practices. It's time to look at facts and pay enough attention to your website. 

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