24. 11. 2017

Website - is not just a product that performs the task of the creator (informing, advertising, boosting sales), it also has an image function, and like all image products it must also cause emotions. Unfortunately you will find lots of sites on the internet, Which do not arouse any emotion at all. They are neither bad nor good. At this time you may be wondering: 'What matters if the site is going to be emotional? If it fulfills all the requirements the owner wants. " This opinion has the right to life. But users have become increasingly demanding of sites because of competition. Users already have many options to choose from. So if they don't like the site or it just causes negative emotions they are free to find an alternative.

How to create an emotional site

Problem with developers
The main problem is to focus on the technical side of the site, because of that the design's emotionality is lost . The theme of emotional design is best explained by Don Norman in his famous book, "Emotional Design", with Donnie trying to explain to readers why using aesthetically appealing elements is more effective. Don Norman believes that the attractiveness of any product (including the site) reduces the visibility of some of the problems associated with its use. Product attractiveness - therefore, is one of the critically important features that ignoring it can create enormous problems. Research in the book " Emotional Design" The author outlined 3 basic levels of design. The basic idea is to combine functionality, comfort and aesthetic beauty. These three basic levels are based on scientific facts and the workings of the human brain . Take a look at 3 levels presented by Don Norman Mir:

The first level - primitive
The lowest, subconscious level. At this time, the brain automatically interprets all the emotional signals around it. Donnie points out that the perception of a design depends on the consumer's cultural values. At the primitive level, the level of impression you get from design has a rapid emotional effect on a person. According to Don Norman's book, action initiated at the primitive level is called "ascending behavior." It turns out that in order to initiate upward behavior, site design must first make a positive impression. At first impression, the customer evaluates the quality of the design. To summarize: At a primitive level, site design should lead to excitement and happiness.

Second level - behavioral
At this level, the brain perceives the functionality of the design, the ease of use and the experience gained during this time. Most important at this point are physical sensations, function and productivity.  For positive perception, visual design should include relevant features that meet all requirements. Behavioral-level design should be user-friendly and understandable. If the design is confusing and incomprehensible then the user experiences negative emotions, while efficiency and simplicity are followed by opposite emotions. To design a behavioral level you need to know the requirements of site users. Google Analytics can help you understand this  .

Third Level - Reflexive
This is the highest level of all the cognitive mental processes of the user. At this time, actions are being initiated that Don Norman calls "non-ascending behavior". Absolutely conscious conclusions are made at the reflex level. At this point, the user starts discussing, and at the expense of experience, logic defeats emotions and automatic behaviors. Based on the experience gained, different users respond differently to site designs. Reflective design sums up the results and gives an overall impression.

If the design is thoughtful and emotional, then all these stages are intertwined, but the attention of the customer should not be distributed in equal proportions at all stages. A site that contains all three levels will be attractive, easy to remember and most importantly deliver the desired results.

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