Functional Minimalism for Web Design (Part 2)

23. 07. 2018

Visual Characteristics

Every detail is important in minimalist design. Whatever you choose to leave in is vital. 

  • Flat structure

    Minimalist interfaces often use flat textures, icons, and graphic elements. Flat interfaces don’t make use of any of the obvious highlights, shadows, gradients, or other textures 

  • Vivid photography and illustration

    Images are often used in minimalist design. they enable an entire world of emotional connection and set an atmosphere. But a photo or illustration has to follow the principles of minimalism. A wrong image (such as a busy photograph full of distracting elements) would negate the benefits of the surrounding minimalist interface and ruin the integrity of the layout. 

  • Limited color scheme 

    Color has great potential in web design because it’s able to set both informative and emotional connections between the product and the user. Color can add visual interest or direct attention without needing any additional design elements or actual graphics. Designers aiming for minimalism tend to get the maximum from just a few selected colors. 

  • Dramatic typography

    Typography is also a core visual element. Bold typography focuses on showing the words and content and helping to craft effective visuals.

  • Contrast

    Because the goal of minimalist design is ease of use and efficiency, high-contrast copy or graphic elements might be a good choice. High contrast can direct the user’s attention to important elements and make the text more readable. 

Use a single focal point per screen
The minimalist philosophy focuses on the idea of designing around the content. The aim is to make the message clearer not just by removing distractions, but also by keeping a focus on what’s important. 

Write shorter texts
Avoid needless words. It is crucial in minimalism.  Edit the text and leave only the core information. 

Simplify the navigation 
Even though simplicity and minimalism are not the same, minimalism should be simple. And intuitive navigation is exactly all it needs.

But navigation in a minimalist interface is challenging. Sometimes while removing unnecessary elements, designers hide some of the navigation. A menu icon that expands a list of items is a popular design choice. But usually, customers have orientation problems on such kind of websites. 

So, remember. Easy navigation should be visible to everyone. If you use minimalist design just make sure visitors find everything easily. 

Use functional animations 
Like any other element, animation should follow the principles of minimalism. Good animation should be meaningful and functional. For example, you can use animation to save screen space. 

Is minimalism always helpful? 
Even though the minimalist design is oriented on content and this approach is used by various web-platform, it is not always a good choice. It is the perfect choice for websites that has little content.

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