Influence of colors on customers

05. 08. 2019

Color doesn’t define the conversion level. It doesn’t directly sell or find new customers, but it allows you to turn a random visitor into a regular user:

-93% of customers' decisions are made according to the visual of the product and website. 70% of customers won’t buy a product if they dislike the color. 80% of the success of the brand is dependent on correct color combinations.  

-For attracting customer you only have 8 seconds. And the only color can attract the visitor in this short time.

-Some colors may harm a customer. Those colors are grey, brown, orange. Grey is unofficially considered to be the color of the interface. It separates you from acting. Brown is just a negative color for the majority. And orange may be good for applying the buttons but not for the color of the whole resource. It irritates people more than even RED. 

While choosing the color, consider the sphere you work in. Colors that are used by “Coca Cola” will less likely fit in banking, medicine or pharmacy. 

RED - is good in Food and entertainment industries, techniques, transport companies, and agriculture. Also brands, which already experienced the effectiveness of this color: “McDonald's”, “Coca Cola”, “Colgate”, “Nike”, “Redbull”, “Time”. 

Influence of colors on customers

BLUE - is color for almost every sphere except the food industry. It can be called universal (even daltons can see it). Brands that used this color are: “Twitter”, “Facebook”, “Linkedin”, “Ford”, “PayPal”. 

Influence of colors on customers

GREEN - is good for the finance, energetic and food industry. It may be surprising that this color is not appropriate for the health sphere, transport, and logistics. Brands which chose green are: “Subway”, “Animal Planet”. 

Influence of colors on customers

ORANGE - this color is for companies that are oriented on healthcare, food, transport and logistics, technique. Orange is not exactly the color that matches with other colors and in case of the wrong combination, it may turn into a disaster. Brands that used this color are: “Fanta”, “Harley-Davidson”. 

Influence of colors on customers

BLACK - is the dominant color. It steals all the attention and using it may be risky in website designs. Have you ever noticed that famous fashion houses such as “Versace”, “Dior”, “Chanel”, “Yves Saint Lauren” choose black in their branding? Because this color is associated with exquisite taste. But, remember that using black color in websites is “okay” only for such big brands that manage the main mood into the industry of fashion and design. This is the perfect color for fashion and transport and logistics. And not recommended for food and health spheres. 

Influence of colors on customers

WHITE AND SILVER - colors of perfection and purity. Classic black and white have been frequently used in the fashion industry and websites for techniques or transport. Such a design doesn’t require much of a change over the years. Brands that used its effect are: “ASUS”, “Ralph Lauren”, “Versace”, “Dion”, “Honda”. 

Influence of colors on customers

PURPLE - as strong and mysterious is used in websites that are connected with beauty. This color is associated with health and beauty more than any other color. Though, purple is not good for energetic or agro-industries. It is preferable to use it for industries like cars, airplanes, household items or anything connected to providing services. Brands that used this color are: “Yahoo”, “Milka”. 

Influence of colors on customers

YELLOW -  is the color of happiness, motion, intelligence, and development. We can say that this color is optimal for energy and food spheres. And brands which chose this color are: “CAT”, “Snapchat”, “Jaguar”, “IKEA”. 

 Influence of colors on customers

-The color can give you a sense of brand philosophy in the subconscious, and establish a relationship.  

-Do you want to show that your product is for the chosen people? Then use black. 

-Perfect and pure - if those words match your product then use white

-Want more attention? Use red or orange. 

-Want to bring beauty and glory? Stick with purple. 

-And don’t forget!!! Don’t be afraid of experiments. 

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