Opinion Leaders in Social Media

21. 11. 2017
Digital technologies are the best tool for creating intelligent leadership today. This type of leadership, in turn, is a good marketing move. Companies can nominate their managers as influential leaders who will attract new customers.

Here's how top managers use social networks:
The era of smartphones and social networks has radically changed intellectual leadership. With the low cost of digital distribution and the expansion of the circle of followers, this is the most effective "tool" for the company. Formerly transformed into an intelligent leader in PR has been a huge effort, and today you will find many professionals who have a lot of influence and a loyal audience. Company executives have become rock stars on social media. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg are notable examples of this. But not all CEOs use social networks.

According to CEO.com and Domo surveys, 60% of Ortune 500 executives are not registered on the social network. CEO.com reports: “Social media has a huge impact on brand reputation. The CEO can take part in the discussion or simply influence it, or allow the public to judge the corporate image of the company itself.” It should be noted that intellectual leadership in social networks is closely linked to the sphere of managerial activity. Studies show that IT executives, retailers, media and entertainment executives are more active than managers in areas such as energy and air transportation. B2C companies need to be publicly available, and B2B companies can ignore this. The report also analyzes which social networks have leading roles. (Most top managers work in one or two social networks; only five managers have four social networks and only one has five). The leading positions are occupied by LinkedIn, followed by Twitter. Of the Fortune 500 list, 40 heads use Facebook, and 11 use Instagram.

These data show that there are only two effective social platforms for influential people. Twitter - the best place to find the news you need and stick to your posts, and LinkedIn is the best way to get friends and colleagues in the business. The best way for company executives to talk to their audience today is through social networks, and not using them would be a big mistake. While it is difficult to measure impact, social media gives managers a unique opportunity to engage with the community. This will always be important, regardless of how intelligent leadership is developed in the future.  

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