5 Marketing tips from David Ogilvy

18. 06. 2019

David Ogilvy, is one of the most influential and famous marketologs and coparaiter. He was an inspiration for employees and was respected by competitors. So, he knew how to be best in his work. 

We provide 5 Marketing tips by David Ogilvy, in order to help you to improve your marketing strategies. 

1.The best ideas come from jokes - so be positive and learn to laugh 

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Creative person should be funny and a little careless. Even though some may disagree with this opinion, constant attention blocks imagination and has a negative effect on one's ability to be more open minded. 

2.The desire to make purchase is based on the content of advertisement and not on its form/appearance 

Imagine the goal you have to go through with your advertising campaign and remember - the forms does not matter. Remember that creating texts and offers matter, but sometimes it also requires replacement with illustrations. 

3. It’s not important what you’re saying, it’s more important how you’re saying it

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Marketologists should know their targeted audience to be able to foresee their behaviour. When one understands the problems and needs of a person, it’s easier to plan what to say and how to say it in the most effective way.

Remember - there is not a big difference between a good writer and a good copywriter. Both have something to say and both of them are trying to be as clear as possible

4.There is no good text if it does not convince of the quality of the product

Words express emotions. Audience are expected to share the same feeling as you were feeling while writing it. Never expect trust to your product from consumers if you don’t value it yourself. 

5.Make your advertisement look less like typical advertisement. You can pack it as newspaper article and you will attract more than 50% of readers. 

On a daily basis we see advertisements on TV or radio, in transports and almost everywhere we look at. Most of us ignore advertisements and Banner blindness is a great proof of it. 

Content Marketing aims to create material, which will be sold and beneficial at the same time. But, It is effective only when you do it right. 

And finally, 

Books and articles of David Ogilvy are interesting because every time you re-read it, you find out more and more important points. 

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