18. 01. 2018

Sales often show dissatisfaction with the price. This is related to the fact that many consumers are trying to get a discount through this method. Sales take their place in sales , but their excessive impact on profits and product prices is bad.

The answer to the price protest

The answers below will help you reach potential customers   so that you do not lose your price.

Very expensive - compared to what?

«Expensive» - comparative value. When you understand what a potential buyer compares to a product, you will be able to convince them that you have a better product than a competitor.

The truth? How do you come to the conclusion that our product is too expensive?

By asking these questions, you are pushing potential customers to   follow their logic. When the seller understands the purpose of the buyer's discomfort, he will be able to eliminate it.

Did we miss anything?

Go back and see if the sales process meets both sides.

I understand you. The best products are usually expensive.

Geoffrey James says: "Price discontent is not real until the customer has expressed it twice." When you first understand the price protest when answering, try to differentiate between potential buyers who don't really have the budget to buy your products and customers who just want to try the soil.

How much do you get for doing nothing?

Make users think more broadly, think about  hidden costs.

Is this a budget or cash flow problem?

This question allows us to know whether the buyer requires a discount (budget) or to determine the terms of payment (cash flow). By doing this you will be able to finish the conversation more easily and effectively.

If you had enough money, would our products / services solve your problem?

This is one of the ways to talk about the value of a product.

What exactly is expensive?   

This question prompts a potential buyer to explain how they see your product. If he tells you, "You're asking too much for a subway function," it means he hasn't fully figured out your products.

its too expensive? This is a relative magnitude.

Convince the consumer of the value of your products.

Price Is The Only Thing That Makes You Decisive?

If the potential buyer has anything else to say, this question will help you determine what will hinder him or her from purchasing and will be able to eliminate the problem.

What part can you refuse?

By doing this, you are telling consumers that the price of a product depends directly on its quality and that if it does not want to pay in full, then it will not get the full product. This question will help  you move the customer around .

Does the price keep you from getting what you really want?

You're not blaming potential buyers for the greed you just point out. He himself would not like to remain in this position. On the other hand, this question allows you to check whether your proposal fits into a specific customer.

Does this mean we will never work together?

The main focus is on the word "never". This is one of the most powerful words in protesting because most people don't like it. On the other hand, this query allows the seller to find out all the necessary conditions  for successful negotiation .

What kind of ROI do you want to see?

How to make a potential customer think not about the price but about the long-term value of your products.

The price may seem high, but we will divide it into months.

A great price can scare everyone, so it would be great if you could allocate money: years or months.

You want to say that our price is higher than our competitors?

If your price is really higher than your competitors, then you need to explain and substantiate the importance of your products and / or services to your competitors.

And have you ever bought a similar product / service?

A potential customer may be misrepresented about the price of such a product and / or service - the reason may be that they have not yet purchased such a product or service. If this is the case then explain to him what the existing value of the product and / or service is.

Do you think our product is too expensive?

Returning the user to his own words forces him to explain his position and to re-think his opinion in the process.

When did you buy the end product based solely on price?

And again nobody likes it when they feel greedy.

I understand you. I already had two users who were also worried about the price but then found out ...

Agree with a potential buyer and then resolve the problem by discussing a similar example where you can prove the value of your product and / or service.

Are you really saying "no" to our price today?

Too sharp? Not at all. Tom Reilly, a sales specialist, explains this approach: «When a customer says,« I don't know. Your price is high Urfa, compared to what I want to pay », try using some of the answers above to convince her. If you do not try to ask this question and look at it at the same time, it will surely surprise you. " If the customer responds that he or she will give up immediately, then the seller will offer him / her two days to think that because of the price, he or she will also decline the value of the product and / or service.


Sometimes - the lack of answers is the best answer. When the seller is silent, customers begin to explain their position. Through it the seller learns all the details he needs.

If you look at the ROI of a week / month / year then you will realize that you save more than you pay.

I prefer today to apologize for the high price than tomorrow for the low price. Don't let a few dollars ruin our cooperation.

These are the words of the famous salesman Zig ziglars ( for Zig Ziglar ). With these words, you are telling potential customers that the economy can hurt future benefits.

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