How to choose first keywords for SEO?

30. 04. 2019

Many of you have heard of search engine optimization. But not many have yet realized how correctly chosen keywords affect your rating in search engines. 

Website optimization process is one of the best ways for developing online business. It increases visibility of your business and maximize your presence on search engine results on a local scale.

Keywords are strategically important for SEO. Optimization of search engine makes it easier to control audience. And changing keywords indeed gives you the opportunity to change your strategy.  How to choose appropriate keywords?

Remember your main goals!

Using SEO for just increasing traffic increases income but, you need to have a specific goal.

Have you spent enough time on identifying SEO goals? If not, you need to ask several questions to yourself.  

How quickly you want to get results? SEO is the long term strategy and sometimes it takes months to achieve a result. If you want to get the result faster, you should choose the word with the most competitive and/or high-level search activity. 

Who is your targeted audience? Are you just oriented on concrete audience or on a wider range of users?  

What kind of SEO traffic you want? Do you want to sell products/services or raise awareness?  

Find balance between keywords and long tail keywords. 

After identifying your goals, you need to find balance between keywords and long tail keywords. The keywords are very short phrases with one or maximum three words. They attract traffic and are competitive. 

Long tail keywords have lower SEO traffic. In comparison to keywords, long tail keywords are used for short-term strategies. It is oriented on quick results. Though both are necessary for the best results. 

Do the preliminary research

As soon as you develop the site goals and visions, you can start working on research in advance. 

Think of fundamental ideas. Start with a few ideas, which can unite people’s search engine with your business. Try to find keywords and long tail keywords for people to find you. 

Use keywords and topic generators. Then you can use online platform as a tool to think of more ideas about keywords, based on some of your first ideas. 

Make a list of all keywords in the table in order to compare them easily. 

Reduce your list

After making the main list, you can cut some of the weak versions. Following criteria will help you:

Search Activity - Check frequency of search of this phrase. This will help you find out what kind of traffic brings the specific requirement. But don’t forget! - Volume varies over time… 

Competition - Learn the level of competition for each keyword. The keyword, which is distinguished by its great search engines, has a high competition. Therefore, the higher the competition, the more difficult it is to rank. You need to find a balance. 

Compliance - you should consider each keyword’s relevance to your business. Words can be less competitive and attract higher traffic on the site, but think… Will attracted audience become potential customers? 

Current positions - Check out what position you already have with our existing keyword in the search engine. If the positions are good, it will help you in the future. 

Choose your best!!! 

Keywords should be chosen on the basis of the specifications of your business. When you reduce the word list and leave best options, select the ones which can easily optimize the site (Add new content or products/services, etc). 

Your first list of keywords won’t be ideal, but it will create a solid base for improving traffic. Pay attention to your effectiveness over time. Is the results are not good enough, never be afraid to change your strategy. 

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