How trademark becomes a brand?

16. 08. 2019

After what trademark becomes a brand, and what pushes customers to differentiate it from other products? How it becomes special? This transformation is depended on the power that works on the audience.

-       Vision

-       Naturalness

-       Courage

These 3 elements are necessary for you to become a tradable brand


What can people see if they follow others? Trace on the ground. What makes potential leaders different?  They don’t follow others, they are followed. So, whenever you start creating, think of new ideas, imagine a picture. As soon as you start copying, you become a follower and lose yourself. Vision is not something the audience wants; it is not following the ideas of others. This is your values and orientation.

The mark that follows a leader or an audience is simply doomed to be easy and comfortable because it will never go to a “different way” and make fewer mistakes. It will never go ahead of a leader. It will stick to its usual audience and won’t attract others. Just remember: Following others will never lead to seeing the horizon.


In the Daoism (Religious, a philosophical tradition of Chinese origin) naturalness is a general state that is controlled without external effort. One should just realize its path, place, purpose and it’s important to not lie to an audience (manipulation, exaggerated promises – this is not natural). Naturalness is developed easily. The one with vision never lies to himself/herself or an audience.

Potential or already leader brands have very flexible construction. The whole path is unfinished and not limited. You’ll never know where it starts or finishes. A goal-oriented job requires a fixed goal that should by any means be followed. On the other hand, naturalness requires constant analyses of a situation and search for the easiest ways to success. 


Why you need a tour guide while traveling? “Look to the left, look to the right” – this is their communication with an audience. What do leaders say? “let’s go to the right, then to the left.” If a mark only explains challenges and fulfills its requirements, then it is just a guide on the trade market. If the mark is working on forming an audience, on social interactions, it teaches how to get more satisfaction, then it is a leader. And remember, not following a leader requires courage.

The main problem of the mark is time. It needs much time to learn a place, build directions and start motion. While asking too many questions others just take a risk. It is very often when marks with market positions look at market newcomers with envious and sad eyes. Newcomers, that were not afraid to risk and achieved their goals.

If a mark has given features, everyone will see it and its formation to a brand will be easier and probably sooner.

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