12 trends in creating a corporate identity

26. 11. 2018

Corporate identity is a graphic display of a trademark. Its absence means no identification of competitors and no subjective sign.
It aims to make your brand famous and be different from your competitors. Customers should easily choose between you and others. Your style should be so individual that no one can steal or fake it. 

Corporate identity can include different elements that attract your audience. 

Main elements are the following:

  • Trademark, logo
  • Brandbook
  • Corporate colors
  • Corporate slogans
  • Font collection
  • Printing materials 

And the main trends are the following: 

1. Minimalism 

This trend will continue in the future too. Because major brands more and more choose simple and minimalistic designs.    


2. Hand-drawn drawing

This trend has lately become famous and it perfectly fits the hipster business. It is used mostly in the restaurant business, in the field of hairdressing and, obviously, handcrafts.

3. Negative space

Sounds a little bit old-fashioned right? However, lately, it has been at the peak of popularity.  It still will be. So, it deserves more attention than you think. 

4. Framing 

This trend is absolutely the idea of minimalism. This is the demonstration of the very essence of the logo, without additional details. 

5. Geometric shapes

Who would think this old school will come back? But, look… Some styles will live forever. 

6. Dashed decoration 

One of the most popular trends among new and modern businesses. 

7. Pattern

This may be called a new direction that allows the business to stand out among others. This original trend can be also used in the presentation of the logo.

8. Animated logos

Motion design is the main since 2017 and it is used in almost all areas of design.

9. Vintage

Vintage never gives up its position. It always promises lots of surprises. 

 10. Color transition 

Color transitions are almost everywhere lately. Even in logos. 

11.  Illustrations in logos 

Illustrations are a great way to show the unique and individual character of the company logo. And they are popular this year. 

12. Photo in logos 

A winning contrast combination of a photo with a logo is quite a hit. This method is only used as an illustration of the corporate style. 

Do you want to be in a trend and stand out among other companies?  A unique and innovative method will allow you to be the one. 

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