3 strong methods to increase traffic for your website

14. 06. 2018
As traffic is a vital force for any online business, the low number of site visitors has a negative impact on business. Having an online resource does not automatically mean having no visitors. You need to use an entire arsenal of digital marketing to find prospects and persuade users to come to your site.
Do you need only visitors interested in the product? The marketing program should be directed at them. This is a simple equation, more traffic - more potential customers, the more potential customers - more sales. Luckily, there are many ways to attract users to the website: Video Marketing
Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? 

Your potential customer is always on YouTube. Even at this point, someone is looking for information about your field. So it's good if you put content on this platform as well. People like to watch videos. In an era where no attention is paid to e-marketing and banner advertising, video is still the focus and it is an important marketing tool. What kind of video should you create? It largely depends on the area of ​​your business. One of the most popular types of video content that any business uses is "how to do it". For example, if you have a gym you can post workout videos to help potential users. Write an interesting interview or idea of experts. 
Most importantly, remember that the video should be informative and not overloaded. As for the length of the video, it should not be longer than 3 minutes. long video may disrupt users. 

Here are 3 more tips for creating video content:

  • Make sure you develop a detailed written description that clearly explains your activities and abilities. This is especially useful for ranking search engines;
  • Add a URL to your site name and pay attention to the video description. This is one of the ways to attract traffic;
  • Push to action. At the end of the video you can tell users what to do: see a page, buy products or get more information and more.


Words still have power and blogging is the best way to deliver your message to your audience. Share your opinion on current trends with users. Express your opinion on the latest developments in the field. Tell us about your success. Write a list of "Top-10" people who like similar content. Write about satisfied clients. You can also share photos, videos, and interesting links related to your field of activity. Think of the blog as a constant dialogue with users. You have to be open and honest in the first place. All of this will give you a satisfied customer. 
If you are starting a blog, remember to post regularly. Daily writing is not required, depending on your field, it may be enough to post two articles a week. The blog is mostly used to reach out to existing and potential customers. Through it you build trust, allowing users to get to know you better.

Viral advertising 

Viral advertising is content-videos, photos, articles-designed to increase brand awareness, make content so engaging that it can be shared by visitors. Often similar material is also featured in the top news, but the main thing is that the advertiser never appears in a similar ad.
There are many ways to use it, but whatever format you choose, it's important to remember that the purpose of such content is to get the audience's attention and, most importantly, make them want to share it.
  1. Infographics - What are your main niche trends? Are forecasts for the next month or year? Infographics - is visually meaningful information. These can be graphs or diagrams, statistics or short text tabs. Infographics allow you to make boring information attractive to visitors, so you can use light colors, beautiful fonts for illustrations and more. This is one of the best ways to get the attention of the visitors and to know useful information.
  2. Pictures - These include pictures of your product and the user who uses the product. For example when you have a flower shop, you can post a picture of the user holding your product on the site. Instagram or other social media will help you to spread similar content.
  3. Video - a funny sketch or clip aimed at increasing brand awareness. For it to be effective it should be so interesting that viewers will share it with their friends.

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