What is Responsive web design?

07. 12. 2018

What is Responsive web design?

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach which makes design and code flexible for all screen sizes. RWD provides optimal visibility for website on all the digital platforms.

Why RWD is so important? 

If we design a website for each gadget, it will take much of your time and financial resources. Making changes will also be challenging. So, responsive design is the best decision for the future of your website. 

Before choosing your design just have a quick overview of your audience and find from which platform they enter your website. Also check the numbers of visitors from from computer, tablet and mobile phone. For example, in U.S 56% of website visitors are using mobile phones. If nowadays smartphones are 2.6 billion, for 2020 this number will increase to 6 billion. So, it is important to have web design for all gadgets and browsers. Each big browser has its own mobile version and websites open accordingly. 

  • Experience of customer is very important: Responsive design should be more than just design adapted to mobile phones. You should consider customers’ experience, their preferences and content they need, which they search online in their phones. 

  • Trends? They are necessary, but try not to build our design only according the trend. Always consider main content. 

  • Hierarchy of content is very important in mobile versions. Don’t think that less means much. Fact that mobile version is more limited, reading content and searching information should be easy for visitors. Also, consider the importance of first page. If you want to be easily reachable, don’t cover contact info by other texts.

Why flexible image is important for responsive web design? 

Well, thinking of how big image can look on the smaller screen is really important. Correctly written code gives image an ability to be flexible on different scales.   

Web navigation -  right, this is another important element. There exists several widespread methods for big menus and contents for mobile versions. This may be an ordinary search menu or horizontal search menu.

And remember: 

  1. Responsive web design should be flexible for all gadgets. 

  2. Always consider content

  3. And don’t forget the importance of customer behaviour

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