When and why we need a website audit?

31. 05. 2018

Website audit and analysis - This is a full study and detailed check of the website. This helps you to identify errors and then find suitable solutions. 

Auditing is important at the starting point because its outcome is a good mirror for future strategy and technique building. Such analysis identifies mistakes that need corrections. And at the same time, it shows strong parts of the project, which will be used as the benefit later. 

Technical Audit 
This is the checking of technical parameters. Technical parameters include correct codes, compliance of the project standards, testing and checking loading speed, evaluating the whole structure of the website, and checking the correctness of hosting. It also includes testing the website on different browsers and different components of programming. 

Marketing Audit 
This is an instrument for checking the resources of market relationships. Here competitors are evaluated by their strength, advertisement efficiency, traffic statistics, service actuality, and competitiveness. 

This is a checkpoint for the comfort and beneficiary of the website. This is an analysis of the structure and design. Usability allows you to create an easy and comfortable interface for a customer which will lead to an increased number of internet resources.  

SEO Audit 
This is an audit of the search engine on the website and it studies relations between the search engine and the website. It is oriented on parameters such as keywords, phrases, metatags, content quality, and site-map. 

Qualified website auditing is always important. In the beginning, it helps the project, but later, it shouldn't be forgotten to keep it updated to new developments.  

The website audit is something like human medical checking. It shows pluses and minuses of the project and helps you to set future goals. Errors can always be corrected and pluses can always be used as a benefit. 

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