Does small business need digital marketing?

26. 11. 2018

Main reasons for refusing digital marketing:

“I already have enough clients”. This is easy and at the same time a strong argument. In case you already have customers and are not interested in enlarging your business then it is hard to change your mind. This is logical only in case you believe in the loyalty of your customers.

“Our sales are only offline”. This is a standard issue for businesses, whose customers are using existing networks and affiliate programs. There would be nothing wrong if not limited mindset – “of course with offline marketing, you only attract offline users!”. Google has 5 billion requests every day, and Facebook has over a billion active users. Just asking the simple question – won’t any of them be interested in your business?

“Digital marketing won’t help me”. If you have already tried and the outcome was not expectedly successful, it doesn’t mean that the problem is with an idea, the wrong implementation can be a reason for failure. Even professionals can fail in this, but giving up is not the way out, changing strategies, new partners and renewed informational resources can fix it.

“Digital marketing makes no sense”. Interesting right? This “argument” is mostly about some strategies and not digital marketing itself. Mostly about SEO or SMM. Ever since this strategy works for 10 years it is not perceived more seriously. No one can ever guarantee that these strategies will always work, but it will most probably transform into something rather than disappear.

“It is too expensive”. This is also an important argument. But, don’t forget that marketing is an investment. If money is invested correctly, you will cover your expenses and benefit from it.

“I don’t get it”. In case you don’t understand there are various groups online where you can get answers to all your questions. And some companies can help you too.

Arguments for Digital Marketing

Argument 1: Customers’ expectations have changed

Billions of people have access to the internet and they get information about business from websites and social networks. And if you don’t have a website or are not active anywhere it is already considered suspicious. A website and page on a social network is an essential minimum expectation for customers.

Argument 2: Communication

If you do not want internet marketing this does not mean that your competitors agree. You are losing potential customers because competitors are paying more attention to them. Every step forward in their digital marketing strategy - it's a step backward for your business.

Argument 3: Objective data

If anything, look at the dynamics of change in technology, the attitude of users and their level of trust. Nowadays, all areas are evolving rapidly and in order not to lose time and lose potential customers you will need to master the latest technologies in digital marketing. You may not need it at this point, but think about what will happen in a year, as digital marketing is becoming more and more important - remember that this is an investment in the future. Although it would be unfair to say that digital marketing is essential for every business, with an online strategy you can always do more.

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