10 creative branding trends in 2019, Part 2

27. 03. 2019

5. Intricate design 

The purpose of this typographic trend is to break down the complex decorative details and ornaments in the design 

Drawing inspiration from baroque and art deco design styles, also popularity of hand-drawn illustration is what minimalists aim to strip away.

So, this particular trend includes the following: 

  • Line shading
  • Repeated patterns of ornament, interlocking shapes
  • Refined details (eyelashes, wrinkles, individual features and etc.) 
  • Concentric and parallel lines
  • Visual flourishes to fill negative space

Even though such trends are aesthetic and beautiful, shapeshifting logos should not be forgotten. Detailed visuals can be a big boost at times while sometimes you need something simpler. So balance is also very important.

geometric packaging design with lots of detail

 Mad pepper  

Aviso product packaging

 Justswell- Logo
Serene logo
 merci dsgn- Logo
Elite Agents logo
 Jani Tavanxhi -Logo
Cobble Well Farm logo
 thedani- Logo


6. Pixel art
In case you want to add both futuristic and retro to your style try pixel art. It combines nostalgia for the 80s-90s video games with the forward-thinking style of digital art. Pixel (8 bit) art uses big monochronic squares that resemble pixels and their unity creates different shapes. 
This trend allows you to create any visuals from the 80s or just choose something more abstract and post-modern pixel figure. 
Wicked Reports logo
aarif™ -Logo
Necos logo
 Milusko -Logo
Heckel & Co Film Production logo
 CostinLogopus - Logo
Bloom Up Creative Agency logo
 undrthespellofmars- Logo

 7. Ghost letters

While trends of topography tend to follow its rules, ghost letters have been developing. The trend involves outlines of letters with transparent insides, allowing one to see through them at the background image. 
The first step in this trend is the ghost button which became popular alongside the hero image trend of the early 2010s. Transparent buttons are designed to avoid unnecessary attention and do not overlay the image effect. 
This combines 2 trends, you get ghost letters – big typography, that is more subtle and doesn’t take visitors attention away from background images. Choose big letters, put bold outlines so that customers can read well and remember, such a style can only be used in headings.
Backroads Brewing Co. web page
 simplest™ - Logo
Dot to Dot home page screenshot
 Cuchillo Logo
Idol web page
 Mithum - Logo
Sparq logo
 goopanic - Logo

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