Sales and service-oriented call center management for managers

Sales and service-oriented call center management for managers

Training Objective: How to create and manage an effective customer support and feedback service.

During the 12-hour training, trainees will learn how to set up and manage a company's specific needs and customer-focused call center.

Who is this training for?

This is for companies focused on quality of telephone service and sales (small, medium and large companies)

Those who have a service/product and communication with the customer and feedback is important to them because they realize that any marketing activity makes sense without proper communication channels.

Those who have call centers and need their proper and efficient work - to create a single, efficient telephone system. 

After the course, trainees will be able to properly plan and manage all stages of the call center focusing on specific tasks (prior to setting up a flexible reporting and evaluation-monitoring system), which will ultimately help the company make the right business decisions. 

Training themes:

  • From the first phone to modern technologies
  • To the established call center
  • Why is VoIP a Phone?
  • Creating an effective team / qualified staff in the telephone service
  • Features of Inbound and Outbound call centers
  • Employee selection and training directions (technical, telephone and sales; company products)
  • Correct description of business processes and creation of technical tasks. What should the software look like? Employee rights and access to the program as an employee; What we have in the software - accounting-processing of information. Correct identification of goals
  • Proper scheduling and management of non-working time / Call Back
  • Principles of effective telephone service
  • Successful telephone sales model
  • Way from cold calls to loyal customers
  • Telephone sales stages and golden rules for each stage
  • Service Level, KPI, Functional and Quality Indicators
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Content and technical reports
  • Positive and negative experiences for professional growth and development

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