Telephone sales management

Telephone sales management

Training Goal: How to Become a Productive and Successful Telephone Sales Manager.

During the 12-hour training, the trainees will analyze and study the performance indicators of the telephone manager.

After the training, trainees will acquire and refine the skills required of a telephone sales manager, be able to act as a loyal customer to a potential client, and be able to easily manage telephone sales.

Training themes:

  • Communication
  • What influences the formulation of the impression?
  • What is sales?
  • Customer and product oriented sales
  • Types of Telephone Sales Staff: Where Do You See Yourself?
  • Do people love to buy?
  • What they are buying
  • From cold calls to loyal customers - from potential customers to peers
  • Three important aspects of customer satisfaction
  • Telephone sales stages and golden rules for each stage
  • Make contact
  • Interest
  • Identify the need
  • Product presentation
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Complete the sales

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