Media support

TIA.GE - Lemons is one of the important projects of the Investment Consulting Group. This is why all interested companies can take advantage of the media support’s offered package

Media support

 Make your business more recognizable

TIA.GE offers companies a variety of choices to promote their company/brand/product for advertising.

Ordered article (from 100 GEL)

You have the opportunity to write an article on a topic of your choice by a TIA.GE journalist or to record an interview with the respondent. It is also possible to post on the site a ready-made version of the information you want to share with the general public.

Banner (from 800 GEL)

The photo or animated advertising banner posted on the site allows you to increase the awareness of your company and make it memorable for TIA.GE readers daily. A properly selected position and banner advertising style will help increase brand awareness and/or promote a specific product. TIA.GE offers its customers to create a banner and define the concept for free in case of a 6-month contract.

Thematic articles and natural advertising (from 250 GEL)

According to the rubrics on the site, you have the opportunity to select all the areas of interest to you and in the articles that are already posted on the site TIA.GE and/or will be written especially for you, your ad will be placed in the relevant rubric in a hidden, indirect way. This will be the company banner, advice/opinion/criticism, etc.

Facebook Day Post Sponsor (from 500 GEL)

In a social network, where interesting posters of different themes are placed during the day, you can become a sponsor of the mentioned poster, which means that all the posters will be accompanied by your company logo or website address.

"Photonics" is a relatively new service in the social space, however, in this short time, it is very popular among users.


TIA.GE readers are accustomed to the fact that we offer live videos on many social and current topics. Accordingly, for interested companies and/or individuals, we offer you to use our mobile social platform, Facebook page, which has more than 600,000 subscribers, more than 2 million monthly active Facebook users, will help you spread the word about your company/brand product through our social media live platform to ensure wider distribution.

FB disseminate (100 GEL)

Interested companies offer to share information from your Facebook page to our Facebook page, which has more than 600 thousand subscribers, more than 2 million monthly active Facebook users.

FB Story (100 GEL)

Today it is one of the most viewed and popular spaces in the social network. If you want to increase the awareness of your business in 1 day and at least more than 35 thousand people, FB Story is the best way to do that. TIA.GE FB Story has at least 35 thousand views daily

Youtube blog (200 GEL)

Video content is most relevant to users today and that is why you are allowed to capture video and share it with our growing audience through the Youtube channel. TIA.GE offers you to place blogs on the topic you want.

Youtube video Pre Roll (500 GEL)

2-5 videos are posted daily on the Youtube channel and they have different ratings depending on the interests of the viewers. TIA.GE offers you, to attract and attract potential customers/users, to place advertising advertisements on the 5 most viewed videos per month, which will help raise the awareness of your company and promote its products.

Street survey (500 - 1000 GEL)

TIA.GE journalists offer site users street polls on various topical issues. We allow you to plan your company/brand/product, various thematic surveys and share them through our Youtube channel and Facebook page, both in LIVE mode and as a post. The survey can be done on a general principle, as well as a specific segment at a pre-selected location.

Video Shooting  (500-1500 GEL)

At the location selected by the customer, TIA.GE provides video service and story recording.

FB disseminate of the story (200 GEL)

Many of the videos posted on the site remain outside the social space, however, if you wish, we offer you to share a story about your activities on Facebook.

Story disseminate on the site (150 GEL)

The installed story will be posted on the site, in the appropriate category. The story posted on the site remains constantly accessible through the search engine.

Drone video recording (from 500 GEL)

Video recording of the desired object, event, or process using a drone that you will use both on social media and in any PR activity. Shooting with a DJI Mini 2 drone allows you to get Full HD, 2.7K, and 4K video resolution. The cost of video recording depends on the video timing and script. It is also possible to use an additional video editing service.

Back Link (150 GEL)

This service can help you increase your website ranking in search engines.

6 outdoor advertising banners of the train station market (the US $ 400 equivalent in GEL)

An advertising banner placed in one of the most crowded places in the capital guarantees the promotion and relevance of your company.

State Signatories (from 350 GEL)

We allow governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as their subordinate structures, to post on the site and disseminate the information they want to reflect on their activities through TIA.GE. You are given a chance to become a subscriber of TIA.GE, send us press releases regularly and also, information materials reflecting your activities,


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Special offer for all startups:

If you want to get internet advertising and all the related benefits, and you have not yet created or need to upgrade your business webpage, we offer ready-made platforms to make a website in the shortest time at an affordable price.

Online store - 2500 - 7000 GEL

Information portal - 1500- 3000 GEL

Product catalog - 1500- 3000 GEL

Portfolio type website - 1500 GEL

Blog - 1000 GEL

Website type of services (legal, accounting, repair) - 1000-2000 GEL

Visiting website - 250-500 GEL

Information type website - 300-1000

P.S. Prices are given without VAT