What is a logo and what does it mean to company?

15. 08. 2017

 Strange, but the fact is: In many cases they are already a   logo designer, so they don't know what that is! For some kids, that logo is a beautiful drawing. Some people think that the logo and trademark are the same. Most people think of the logo as a simple drawing that they can draw themselves. Why is it expensive to make a good logo? To answer this question, find out how the logo is created and what its functions are. Logo - This is an individual graphic (drawing), a company name with a special font or a mix of font and graphic symbol. The purpose of the logo is to bring the company and its idea to the target audience.

Что такое логотип

Basic functions of the logo


A distinctive, associative function.  

Quality logos distinguish the product and the firm in a competitive environment. Customers makes preferences over the one firm to another with the help of a logo. This function leads to the following destination of logo. 


Protective function. 

The protective function of a logo is that it is the property of the firm, the logo protects its products and services. If a company uses the logo of another company for any purpose, the company may, under the law, impose administrative liability on the company illegally using its logo.


Guarantee function.  

With the logo on the products you guarantee its quality. Companies that are confident in themselves have long been without any logo on the market.


Aesthetic function. 

You may have noticed the company logo t-shirts; this is the simplest example of how enhancing the aesthetics of a beautiful logo product also emphasizes the quality of the product and protects the product against fraud.   Best logos are not just beautiful pictures, a good logo should be aesthetic and should fit into the product packaging.


Advertising function.  

This is one of the main reasons why companies are already making logos. The logo creates a firm image that helps the target audience to easily identify the desired company that is associated with a certain quality, reputation. With all these factors in mind, you already know that logo is an important element of a logo 's image. In addition to the functions listed above, the logo also performs an informational and psychological function. The logo gives the customer information about the company that created the product and builds a positive relationship between the customer and the company.

Because of these many important logo features, creating a meaningful, good logo can be expensive.


Most Expensive Logos:

1: BP logo: $211,000,000


2: Accenture logo: $100,000,000

Accenture-Logo     rebranding_accenture  

3: Posten Norge Logo : $55,000,000


4: Australia & New Zealand banking Group (ANZ) logo  $15,000,000

Australia & New Zealand banking Group (ANZ) logo      

5: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) logo : $1,800,000


6: Pepsi logo: $1,000,000

Pepsi Logo Cost: $1 million  

7: London 2012 Olympics logo: $625,000

London 2012 Olympics logo: $625,000      

Symantec logo $1,280,000,000



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