Logo: Past and Present

13. 09. 2017

 The company logo plays a big role in promoting your product or service. Logo and company style are the hallmarks of a company, its ideology, a means of communicating with clients and partners.

The company logo is located on: blanks, websites, envelopes, souvenirs, advertisements, banners ...

With the logo we differentiate firms.

A modern logo prototype has emerged with the emergence of commerce. Back then, the logo was the seal of the master or a special inscription on the products. In the 19th century, as the industrial revolution spurred production growth, competition, export growth, and globalization led all companies to develop logos so that consumers could quickly and easily differentiate between different company products.

The company's logo was placed on: packaging, the products themselves, signs and documents. When ordering ads, companies tried their best to display the logo. After that, products and / or services for people were associated with some kind of graphics. The logo that we use today came from the 20th century.

Logo - This is an individual graphic (drawing), a company name with a special font or a mix of font and graphic symbol. The purpose of the logo is to bring the company and its idea to the target audience.

The idea of ​​what the logo should look like has undergone significant changes throughout its existence. If the logo of the firm was too big in the beginning, today, with a lot of elements, everything is the opposite. The fewer elements in the logo the better, as the simple logo is easier to identify and memorize and more importantly it will be easier to print on different advertising channels.

 Today the logo has the following requirements:

  •  Must be original;
  •  Must reflect the essence, purpose, mission, style of the company;
  •  Must be simple in design;
  • To be quality, it should look good on both a business card and an advertising banner;
  • It should cause emotions in people that the customer wants.

Logo - This is not a drawing; it is a concept of company ideology and future.

 Therefore, when creating a logo, you need to think about everything in detail. You need to identify the target audience, select the right colors, the logo should reflect the company values. All of this can be very difficult and even impossible for some, but take a look at the famous Nike, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Puma logos and make sure that good and creative logos can really be created and used for years to come.  

How the logos of famous companies have changed over the years:

Эволюция логотипа Canon

Эволюция логотипа Nokia

Эволюция фирменного знака Apple

История логотипа Samsung

Развитие логотипа LG

История создания фирменного знака Nestlé

История фирменного знака McDonald’s 

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